Pedro Pascal To Fight A Major Star Wars Villain In The Mandalorian Season 3?

Pedro Pascal is set to take on some major Star Wars villains in The Mandalorian Season 3. This will be a cool return of some bad dudes

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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It feels like forever since we last got a The Mandalorian story, having been well over a year since the last episode of Season 2 hit Disney+. With other Star Wars projects hitting the streamer in the meantime and more on the way, this universe has gone into full growth mode, kicking this series down the pike just a tad in the short term. But we are starting to get more information about what Pedro Pascal and company will be up to this next time around, with more details taking shape around how the season with play out. The latest news has a group of villains making a return to the franchise which could set up quite the showdown before it’s all said and done. 

According to Making Star Wars (via, it looks like the First Order’s Praetorian Guard will make an appearance in some fashion, a very cool callback to when we first saw them in Stars Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi. It looks like Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) will be fighting this group aboard some ship during the events of this next season and they could definitely offer up one of his biggest challenges yet. Considering this group is among the most elite fighters in the universe, it’s almost crazy to think he would come out of a fight against any of them alive. 

Part of this scoop about The Mandalorian Season 3 also involves Pedro Pascal running into a new group of soldiers, ones that look like red-helmeted Sith troopers who also appear to have Mandalorian-esque helmets. From this account, it sounds like these are two separate groups of soldiers though it’s a bit unclear how this all plays out. Whatever it is, these Praetorian Guard members making an appearance would likely imply that The Mandalorian is coming in close contact with the upper levels of The First Order, maybe even the Supreme Leader himself. You can see the Praetorian Guard in action against Kyle Rea and Rae below: 

In all, we are setting up for quite the season of The Mandalorian when it finally hits Disney+. The final episode of Season 2 came out all the way back in December of 2020 with The Rescue”. That had major implications for the larger Star Wars universe, Pedro Pascal as Din, and of course Grogu (Baby Yoda). The latter will be a big part of this next season as well considering he is forced to make a choice about his future as a Jedi or a Mandalorian. It is likely that this decision is at the heart of the series. Filming for the third season began all the way back in October and is expected to last at least through next week (March 23rd). After that, we should start to get more firm timelines around when the series will actually be back on the streamer. 

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only Pedro Pascal series in the works. He’s also got The Last of Us coming to HBO sometime next year. That show is currently filming from now through the summer and could be one of the bigger offerings to come around in the small screen space.