Pedro Pascal Has A Demand Before He’ll Make More Of The Mandalorian?

Pedro Pascal is rumored to have a specific demand for returning to The Mandalorian.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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pedro pascal mandalorian

Pedro Pascal has made an indelible impression as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian and has managed to do most of that without having to show his face (or a lot of times, be on the set). Even so, he has put his distinct stamp on the character and there is no doubt that fans have come to associate him with the role. It is unlikely that any kind of recasting would be met favorably by the fans, so that gives Pedro Pascal a lot of leverage when it comes to what he can demand on the show. And if a new rumor is true, it sounds like he is using that power position to his advantage.

Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Pedro Pascal is asking for a pay raise for future seasons of The Mandalorian. That is certainly not uncommon in this business, especially when a show is doing exceptionally well as The Mandalorian has. The Season 2 finale left fans on a huge cliffhanger and everyone is eagerly awaiting where the story will go in Season 3. However, there is no confirmation that the show will continue on its own past that season. With the Star Wars franchise about to branch out in numerous ways through the streaming service Disney+, one has to wonder if The Mandalorian will continue to feel as necessary or special in the larger landscape of shows. If not, we could be looking at the end of the show in Season 3.

That could also be brought on if Pedro Pascal decides to push for a larger payday that Disney doesn’t want to commit to. Once stars become too expensive to afford, franchises either have to figure out how to continue on without them or end the project. One of the reasons Robert Downey Jr. exited the Marvel Cinematic Universe is because he just became too dang expensive to keep bringing back in leading roles. Would the same thing end up happening with Pedro Pascal if he decides to up his salary for The Mandalorian? Or will he and Disney reach a price that works for both parties? We should take this moment to reiterate that this is still just a rumor. It is possible that everything is copacetic between Pascal and Disney.

pedro pascal mandalorian

Still, we do wonder just how long The Mandalorian and Pedro Pascal will stick around now that there is a tidal wave of new Star Wars shows coming in. We imagine that a lot of these shows won’t be planned to be more than a season or two since their budgets will likely equal that of a blockbuster film production. Will Disney want to keep spending that kind of money on The Mandalorian or will they decide to cut costs? Maybe allocate that money towards some of their other shows? There are a lot of options on the table. We only hope that Pedro Pascal will continue to be a starring part of the franchise’s future. And if he wants more money, we hope Disney will cough it up.

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