Patrick Wilson Looks Unrecognizable In Aquaman 2 Reveal

You won't recognize Patrick Wilson in this new photo from Aquaman 2.

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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You have to imagine that working with a guy like Jason Momoa has to be intimidating for any male actors who end up taking off their shirt. Who’s going to want to be compared to Momoa? Well, he may not be another Momoa, but you’ll barely be able to recognize Patrick Wilson in the photo that wound up on Twitter today from the set of Aquaman 2, aka Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

The photo comes courtesy of Aquaman 2 director James Wan. The director took to Instagram with the picture of him standing with Patrick Wilson in costume. Sporting long hair on his head and face, Wilson looks like he’s filming a remake of Treasure Island. Fittingly, Wan wrote in the caption that he found the actor “stranded on a desert beach, doing his Cast Away impression.” You can see the photo below.

While Wan doesn’t include any story details in the photo, the image itself invites speculation. At the end of 2018’s Aquaman, Patrick Wilson’s Orm, aka Ocean Master, was defeated by the titular hero and imprisoned for his crimes. The photo suggests that not only does Orm somehow find his way out of his imprisonment, but that he’s eventually stranded on dry land — not the ideal place for any Atlantean to find themselves.

While Aquaman 2 isn’t due out until next December, the release of the Patrick Wilson photo is the second visual reveal we’ve been privy to recently. Only two days ago, Wan released photos of Momoa in two different costumes — the classic gold-and-green suit we see in Aquaman and a darker stealth suit that Wan describes as being “Atlantean tech based on cephalopod’s camouflaging ability.”

According to a recent interview with Wan, Arthur Curry’s suit won’t be the only thing darker in Aquaman 2. The director said the sequel will be “very heavily inspired” by the 1965 sci-fi horror classic Planet of the Vampires. The film, in which two spaceships crash on an alien planet, is often credited as a precursor to 1979’s Alien and the 2012 prequel Prometheus. Since the photo Wan released of Patrick Wilson suggests his character might be the victim of some kind of shipwreck, it could be comparable to what the characters experience in the 1965 film, though that’s only speculation.

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There aren’t a lot of details released yet about Aquaman 2, but when its title Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was revealed, Entertainment Weekly made some guesses. EW points out that in Aquaman we learn the history of when Atlantis first sank into the ocean. It broke up into seven kingdoms but we only six of their names. It’s Patrick Wilson’s Orm who says that the seventh kingdom simply vanished. It seems likely it’s this seventh, unnamed kingdom that is the “lost” kingdom. Some are speculating it could be the fictional city of Necrus which first appeared in 1966’s Aquaman #30. Wherever this lost kingdom is, judging by the photo on Wan’s Instagram, there’s a good chance Patrick Wilson will have a nasty detour on the way there.