4 Celebrities We Want To See Replace Pat Sajak On Wheel Of Fortune

With Pat Sajak announcing his retirement from Wheel of Fortune, these celebs would be perfect host replacements.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Wheel of Fortune is one of those shows that multiple generations have enjoyed over the years. Interestingly, those generations probably all watched Pat Sajak as host: astonishingly, he has been hosting Wheel of Fortune for over 40 years. However, NBC News reports that Sajak will retire next year, so we decided to help the game show out by providing the top four celebs we’d love to see replace Sajak on this long-running game show. 

John Stamos

It may seem an odd choice to replace Pat Sajak, but we’d honestly love to see John Stamos (the hot uncle everyone fell in love with on Full House) take over as host on Wheel of Fortune. Throughout his career, Stamos has brought swagger and charm to his onscreen roles, but aside from reprising his role on the revival show Fuller House, he has spent most of the past few years focusing on providing voices for animated productions. Frankly, that’s a waste of his talents, and we think the stately swagger of Stamos would be better served making Wheel of Fortune into your aunt’s new “must-see TV.”

Adam Sandler

Let’s be blunt: as he pivoted from the heights of Uncut Gems to the lows of Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler has perplexed audiences with his insane choices for film projects. But if he ever gets tired of taking all his friends to Hawaii, we think Sandler would be a great replacement for Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune because, like the self-insert characters he plays, Sandler is generally warm, charming, and funny. And with all due respect to Sajak, we’d love to see a host capable of cracking actual jokes instead of one that makes us screamingly ask if the man would like to buy a clue.

Steve Carell

Since the heyday of The Office, Steve Carell has kept busy with many roles, including the quirky Netflix comedy Space Force and the ambitious upcoming Wes Anderson film Asteroid City. While his dance card may be too full for it, we’d really love to see Carell replace Pat Sajak on the Wheel of Fortune because he has the two most important qualities of any television host: he can work a room and knows how to improvise. And considering how many people spend most of their free time just rewatching The Office from beginning to end, his becoming host would likely earn the show a new generation of fans.

Ted Danson

While The Good Place was stacked full of amazingly talented actors, the one who kept stealing the show was none other than Ted Danson. Some might have thought the best acting years of this Cheers star were long behind him, but Danson walked onto the set and effortlessly stole every single scene he was in. In short, we’d love to see him replace Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune because he knows how to light up a room and instantly win people over, and like Sajak himself, he’s been in the entertainment industry long enough to have serious cross-generation appeal.