Outer Banks Star Arrested For Alleged Hospital Assault

By Brian Myers | Published

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Austin North, co-star of the hit Netflix series Outer Banks, has been charged with gross misdemeanor battery stemming from the actor allegedly assaulting multiple members of an emergency room staff at a Las Vegas hospital. Police were called to the scene after receiving calls of a patient becoming explosively combative and physically attacking hospital personnel. When police arrived, they discovered the young actor had already been restrained by hospital security officers and handcuffed to a gurney.

North’s Alleged Crimes

austin north outer banks

The Outer Banks actor is reported to have been in the emergency room seeking treatment when he is said to have snapped and punched an attending nurse in the head before grabbing another one by the face. A hospital phlebotomist that was helping treat Austin North was also allegedly attacked and thrown onto a table.

In the police report, the unnamed phlebotomist jumped to the defense of the hospital staff and struck the Outer Banks cast member on the head with a tray. This subdued Austin North long enough for security personnel to get him restrained ahead of police arriving to place him under arrest. In his mugshot released shortly after his detention, North appears to have dried blood above one eye, perhaps from the strike handed to him from the phlebotomist.

North Claims He Was Suffering A Different Kind Of Attack

austin north outer banks

Though the official record is unclear as to why Austin North was being treated in the hospital, the Outer Banks actor offered an explanation for his actions online. North wrote that he doesn’t have much memory at all of the events that transpired at the hospital, and that he was in the midst of having a severe panic attack that contributed to his violent actions. North also noted that he has been suffering from panic attacks for a long time, and that the one he was suffering that day at the hospital was among the worst he’s ever had.

North Claims Drugs Weren’t Involved

austin north outer banks

On his Instagram stories, Austin North also stated that he believed that he was having a heart attack, which prompted his visit to the hospital. A friend drove him there, where the Outer Banks actor says he was evaluated and also tested for drugs and alcohol. North maintains that these tests were all negative.

Potential Punishment

Austin North also made an apology to the hospital’s staff in the post. The charges against one of Outer Banks most popular stars could mean a maximum of 364 days in jail and fines up to $2,000. Just how severe the punishment will be for North will largely depend on whether or not he has a criminal history and how remorseful the actor appears.

Outer Banks

Austin North, who plays the part of Topper Thorton on Outer Banks, seemed sincere enough in his online apology and explanation of events. Just how this brush with the law will impact the filming of season 4 of the teen mystery drama is yet to be determined. The show has been a hit with younger viewers since its debut on the streaming giant Netflix in 2020, with the upcoming season being one of the most anticipated on the service.

Source: TMZ