Norman Reedus Playing Out A Love Triangle In The Walking Dead’s Final Season

Norman Reedus is set up to play a love triangle for Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead's final season.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

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The Walking Dead (2010), at its core, is a show about the human connection and the bonds, relationships, and allegiances that people form in order to protect each other and survive. The essence of the show lends itself well to the development of romantic relationships between characters, like Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) for instance, even if those relationships are threatened by hordes of the undead or villainous rivals (R.I.P. Glenn). However, some characters have repeatedly gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to being lucky in love, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) being one such character. However, the show’s final season could finally give Norman Reedus’ character a chance to finally find “happiness.” 

Going back to the very first season of the show Norman Reedus’ tough-as-nails character Daryl found himself developing a connection with Carol (Melissa McBride) after her young daughter Sophia died. However, ultimately a romance between them never developed. Screen Rant pointed out that it was a long while after that initial chemistry between Carol and Daryl until Norman Reedus’ character would get another chance at love. 

In fact, Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon’s first real romantic relationship wouldn’t actually come to fruition until season 10 when he met a woman named Leah (Lynn Collins) while desperately searching for Rick. However, their intimacy was short-lived, and soon after they got together, she was gone. Another potential romantic partner that had been teased for Norman Reedus’ character before she went missing was Connie (Lauren Ridloff). The two of them were clearly starting to feel something for each other before she disappeared near the end of season 10. 

the walking dead connie
The Walking Dead, Connie

However, when season 11’s sixth episode On The Inside premiered, it provided a glimmer of hope for Norman Reedus’ Daryl to have one final shot at love before the series concludes. During the episode, both Leah and Connie reappear, which suggests that The Walking Dead is gearing up for Norman Reedus to be a part of a heated love triangle. 

Lauren Ridloff recently sat down with to discuss the possibility of whether or not shippers of “Donnie” can expect to see the characters actually get together. Ultimately Ridloff reasoned that anything is possible, but that she thinks that before her character would even consider getting together with Norman Reedus’ that she needs to work through a lot of her own trauma. She also pointed out that Connie is a strong woman and doesn’t need a man in order to be an integral and effective character. Thus, it seems that fans will have to wait for the season to flesh itself out further before they can get some idea of how Norman Reedus’ long-awaited love triangle will play out. 

the walking dead leah dog
Leah and Dog on The Walking Dead

Hopefully, Daryl will finally get to find love, especially considering how long he’s gotten the shaft, even down to the Dog who seems to always choose the women over him. Norman Reedus even disclosed that he felt a little betrayed that the Dog (Seven) went with both Carol and Leah over Daryl. 

Whether or not Norman Reedus’ character gets one last chance at romance doesn’t change the fact The Walking Dead is coming to a close, which has prompted questions regarding what Norman Reedus could potentially partake in after he closes the book on Daryl Dixon. Some have speculated that the actor could end up in a Marvel project, especially since Reedus has expressed his desire to portray Ghost Rider. However, at present, he has not yet been approached to potentially take on the role.