Disney+ Sci-Fi Comedy Anime Puts Fate Of Existence In The Hands Of Gamers

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

no game no life

If you’re looking for another Isekai series to watch and you haven’t seen No Game No Life yet, you can binge this show on Disney+. Isekai is a popular anime genre where protagonists are transported from their ordinary world into a parallel or fantastical universe. No Game No Life puts the fate of existence into the hands of gamers as two siblings are transported from their mundane world into a fantastical alternate reality governed by games.


no game no life

No Game No Life follows the story of step-siblings Sora and Shiro, who are known in the online gaming world as the undefeated duo, “Blank.” In reality, they are hikikomori, or reclusive shut-ins.

One day, they are challenged to a game of chess by an anonymous player and, upon winning, are offered the opportunity to be transported to an alternate world ruled entirely by games. 

And thus, No Game No Life begins. The two siblings accept the offer and are transported to Disboard, a realm governed by the Ten Covenants, which ensure that all conflicts are resolved through games.

The Kingdom Of Elkia

In Disboard, Sora and Shiro encounter the human kingdom of Elkia, which is struggling to survive among stronger, magic-wielding races. They meet Stephanie Dola, a girl who is vying to become the next ruler of Elkia, and Chlammy Zell, who is assisted by an elf named Fiel Nirvalen.

Through their cunning and strategic prowess that unfolds over the course of No Game No Life, Sora and Shiro win a series of games to become the rulers of Elkia, with the ultimate goal of challenging and defeating Tet, the god of games, by uniting all sixteen races of Disboard and obtaining their race pieces.

No Game No Life is an anime adaptation of a Japanese light novel series by Yuu Kamiya. The anime adaptation was announced by Monthly Comic Alive on July 27, 2013. Directed by Atsuko Ishizuka and animated by Madhouse, the series premiered on April 9, 2014, and concluded on June 25, 2014. 

Mixed Reviews

Critical reception of No Game No Life, the anime, was mixed. Anime News Network reviewers had varied opinions on the first episode.

While one reviewer, Carl Kimlinger, appreciated the gaming concepts, the network’s other reviewers, Rebecca Silverman and Theoron Martin were less enthusiastic about the characters, and Hope Chapman expressed strong disdain for the series. 

As No Game No Life continued, Kimlinger remained a fan of the series. He continued to review the show positively, noting the balance between the protagonists’ overpowered nature and their flawed personalities.

He praised the series’ “big games” for their strategic depth and the animation’s fluidity during these moments.

No Game No Life Vs. Sword Art Online

Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku also praised the protagonists’ dynamics and the animation quality, although he criticized the fan service.

Despite this, he ranked No Game No Life among the top five anime series of 2014, recommending it to fans of intelligent characters and gaming humor.

No Game No Life, Sword Art Online, and Overlord are all notable entries in the Isekai genre, though each series is starkly different from the others.

While Sword Art Online focuses on virtual reality gaming and survival, and Overlord explores the perspective of an overlord navigating a fantasy realm, No Game No Life emphasizes strategic gaming and intellectual battles. 

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no game no life

But despite their differences, if you’re a fan of Isekai stories and haven’t seen No Game No Life, you’ll want to add this to your watch list. Fans of Sword Art Online would appreciate No Game No Life for its similar focus on gaming elements, albeit in a different context, and its exploration of virtual worlds.

Likewise, fans of Overlord would find No Game No Life appealing for its imaginative setting and the strategic depth of its gaming conflicts, albeit with a lighter tone. 

All three series offer engaging narratives, intricate world-building, and protagonists who wield exceptional skills, making No Game No Life a compelling choice for fans seeking immersive and strategic Isekai experiences.