Netflix Saving Another Canceled Show After Massive Streaming Numbers?

By Britta DeVore | Published


Netflix has long destroyed viewership numbers with shows including Stranger Things and Squid Game, but it’s a canceled series that’s now seeing the streamer go sky-high. After receiving the ax from USA Network a full four years ago, the drama, Suits, was picked up by Netflix, where it reigns supreme as one of the platform’s most highly viewed shows. With this in mind, there’s always a chance that the show will make its way back should it continue to bring in audiences.

According to data collected by Nielsen, Suits set a new record for the top viewership of any licensed TV show on a streamer during one week, with Netflix being the lucky recipient of this honor. The statistics were collected during the week of June 26th through July 2nd, with Suits smashing other competition titles including Too Hot to Handle, The Lincoln Lawyer, Survival of the Thickest, My Happy Marriage, and even The Witcher.

During that week, Suits was viewed 3.1 billion minutes, managing to up its viewership by 36 percent from the previous week. 

Still, other titles are trailing just ahead of Suits which isn’t necessarily bad news for Netflix. In that lineup is Quarterback, Mark Normand: Soup to Nuts, Baki Hanma, and Sweet Magnolias. With another week underway, there’s an excellent chance that Suits will continue to put its best foot forward and rake in top numbers to push it above the other fan-favorite shows.

Suits holds the record for the top viewership of any licensed TV show on a streamer during one week.

Running for a whopping nine seasons, Suits was initially a major hit for USA Network before it raked in killer ratings for Netflix. Created and penned by Aaron Korsh, the legal drama centered on a fictional New York City law firm and the folks that make the office go round while trying to rise to the top of the scene.

Gabriel Macht in Suits

Included in the lineup of talent were Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, and, famously, Meghan Markle. By the show’s eighth season, Gina Torres, Meghan Markle, and Patrick J. Adams bid adieu to the series with Katherine Heigl adding her name to the call sheet alongside recurring stars Dulé Hill and Amanda Schull bumped up to regulars. 

Now that we know how popular Suits is on Netflix, there’s a chance the streamer might be interested in bringing the series back for more seasons.

Suits earned heaps of critical acclaim during its time on USA Network making it a no-brainer why Netflix would want to add it to its wide array of streamable content. In 2012, Patrick J. Adams received a nomination at the Screen Actors Guild Awards while the title was nominated for two People’s Choice Awards. Hoping to move into franchise territory, the show would move forward with a spin-off titled Pearson which picked up the action and dropped it in Chicago.

Unfortunately, the off-shoot never picked up steam and was left on the cutting room floor.While the final episode of Suits may have landed in pre-pandemic times (remember those?) in 2019, Netflix knew that audiences would continue to tune in for the legal drama, especially with the ability to binge it all in one place.

Although Pearson never properly took flight, with the latest viewership numbers, there’s always a chance that the streamer could see the profit in bringing the show back to life.