Netflix Reminds People Henry Cavill Is Still In The Witcher Season 3

By Douglas Helm | Published

the witcher henry cavill
Henry Cavill in The Witcher

Everyone knows one of the best things about Netflix’s The Witcher is Henry Cavill playing Geralt of Rivia, which is why it was baffling when Cavill left the show, and Liam Hemsworth was announced as his replacement. Fortunately, we get one more season with Cavill in the lead role, but people might still be confused about that.

Apparently, Netflix knows that, as it has made sure to advertise that, yes, Cavill is in The Witcher Season 3

You know it’s bad news went the official Twitter account for the show has to make sure to reiterate the fact that Henry Cavill is still in the show for The Witcher Season 3. Clearly, they realize that Cavill is a major selling point and that reminding fans is a great way to get people to tune in and watch.

Netflix is advertising Henry Cavill is still in The Witcher Season 3 before Liam Hemsworth takes over in Season 4.

You have to imagine that a Tweet like this might mean that Netflix is worried viewership numbers will dive after Cavill is out of the picture.

Henry Cavill is currently starring in The Witcher Season 3, which is being divided up into two parts. Cavill is as entertaining as ever as the monster hunting Geralt, which will make it all the more noticeable when he doesn’t return in the fourth season.

While Liam Hemsworth will likely do a fine job, Cavill embodies the role, and it’s clear he loves the character.

the witcher cast
The cast of The Witcher

Cavill’s immense love for the character could be the reason that he’s not coming back after The Witcher Season 3. Behind-the-scenes rumors indicated that the writers didn’t like the source material, both the Andrzej Sapkowski books and the CD Projekt Red video games and Cavill often talked about how he wanted the show to stick to the source material.

With these being rumors, there’s no way to know for sure because Cavill has never given an official statement as to why he was leaving.

Henry Cavill and Netflix have not publicly discussed why he’s leaving, forcing fans to speculate about the unwanted change.

This marketing campaign centered around Henry Cavill being in The Witcher Season 3 is certainly a weird move by Netflix, as it throws shade on their upcoming series lead. Not only is Netflix admitting that the fans really only care about Cavill being in the show, but it’s also admitting that fans clearly aren’t excited about Liam Hemsworth taking over. Y

You have to imagine that Hemsworth isn’t the biggest fan of this particular marketing campaign.

The Witcher Season 3 Is Streaming Right Now

Whether you’re looking forward to Liam Hemsworth giving the role a shot or not, you can at least keep up with the story and see Henry Cavill as Geralt one last time in The Witcher Season 3, which has its first part available to stream on Netflix now.

The season will continue to follow Cavill’s Geralt as he seeks to protect Freya Allen’s Ciri as she learns more about her destiny and avoids the various parties attempting to capture her for their plans. The first five episodes of the season are currently available to stream, and the final episodes will hit Netflix on July 27.