A Netflix Dating Show Turns People Into Furries And Is The Most Frightening Thing You’ll See Today

Netflix's new dating show is surprising, to say the least. See the new trailer.

By Tristan Zelden | Published

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Social media exploded over the past two days over a new Netflix reality show, Sexy Beasts. It is a furry twist on dating shows as the series will have its participants who are there to mingle in animal and other types of outfits.

Watch the official trailer for the new Netflix dating show below. It is more surprising than you might guess.

Variety reported on the details of what viewers can expect from the Netflix show, which has an order for two seasons. Rob Delaney, a comedian and star in the 2015 sitcom Catastrophe, will be featured as the narrator. The seasons will be six parts, with the first parts releasing worldwide on July 21. The second season will arrive later this year, but no concrete date was given by the streaming service as of writing.

The premise for the Netflix series will follow someone ready to fall in love with someone based on their personality. They choose between three possible lovers, who are masked up as some kind of animal or monster. They will see the face of their choice once the final decision is made. Each episode will follow a new person who is single and ready to mingle as they find their costumed soulmate. It is being described as the streaming giant’s twist on shows like The Masked Singer, and Love Is Blind.

It is based on Lion TV’s series that aired on BBC Three back in 2014. It is unknown as of now how the Netflix version will differ from the British original.

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For the costumes, 48 unique outfits were created. Lead artist Kristyan Mallet has had a long career in making outfits and other props for movies. From action blockbusters like Mission Impossible – Fallout and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu to Oscar winners like The Theory of Everything. She and Jan Sewell earned a BAFTA nomination for their hair and makeup work on that film. Now it is time for her to lead her team to craft designs for these lovebirds, dolphins, and bears.

All3Media-backed Lion TV is producing with Lion TV’s Simon Welton (Horrible Histories, Big Brother) as an executive producer. Sarah Clarke (Body Fixers) will produce with Sam Campbell (The Circle) directing the Netflix reality series.

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Nick Catliff, Lion TV’s chief content officer, and Richard Bradley, Lion TV’s chief creative officer, described it as “a big step” for the company’s collaborative relationship with Netflix. They said Sexy Beasts is “fun, frivolous and totally original” as it is what people need during “these strange times,” which says a lot as the world has had to shut inside due to a pandemic for the past year.

The bizarre Netflix dating show has a divided reception so far. The trailer on the Netflix UK & Ireland YouTube channel has over 448,000 views. The dislike to like ratio is leaning more in the dislike territory with almost 4,000 dislikes while the likes are at approximately 3,100. The reactions continued on social media as people would express their feelings from curious to horrified. Even headlines expressed concern, like one written by Den of Geek’s Alec Bojalad that states the show is proof that “God has abandoned his creations.”