Moviegoers Beg Nicole Kidman To Stop Torturing Them Before Their Movie

Fans on Reddit are begging AMC to take down the awful Nicole Kidman ad.

By Chad Langen | Updated

nicole kidman

The last couple of years has seen theater chains struggling to fill auditoriums because of pandemic-related issues which have massively accelerated the demand and subscriber growth in streaming services. In an attempt to convince audiences to choose movie theaters over streaming, large chains like AMC and Regal are turning to major stars to pitch the grandeur of the big screen in short advertisements that play just before the feature begins. One of those ads, which features Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman, is shown to audiences before every movie is viewed at an AMC theater, and according to a discussion on Reddit, movie-goers are now begging the chain to make it go away.

The discussion began with a post by a user with the screenname RudEd51 asking AMC theaters to please put an end to its Nicole Kidman ad. The user goes on to complain about the sheer number of times they’ve seen the clip and how “it gets dumber with each viewing.” They also criticize the actresses’ accent, saying that it goes in and out while playing over a scene from Jurassic World.

In less than eight hours, the post has received nearly 14,000 upvotes, and over 2,000 other users have taken to the comments to echo the OP’s statements. Another user with the screenname Aestheticpash was a bit harsher with their reply, attacking Nicole Kidman for her poor acting skills. They said, “It’s painful. I assumed even if you got nobodies off the street the acting would still be better.”

Oddly enough, the initial disdain by viewers has turned AMC’s Nicole Kidman ad into a huge success. The cringy clip has been shared seemingly countless times across various social networking platforms since it first aired, with people mocking the overall corniness of the scene. Even more bizarre is that the spot has become a celebratory ritual for some movie-goers who frequent the company’s theaters.

AMC isn’t the only company utilizing celebrities like Nicole Kidman to promote its brand. Pepsi recently released a commercial to celebrate its partnership with Regal in hopes of transforming the movie-going experience with unique beverages and on-screen entertainment. The spot features a diverse cast of celebrities, including Danny Trejo, who utter famous movie quotes while visiting a Regal theater.

In the same Reddit discussion where thousands of users criticized AMC’s Nicole Kidman ad, several users also shared their despise for the Regal commercial. One critic said, “That Regal ad is so bad it gave me a whole new appreciation for the Kidman promo. Just embarrassing.”

Although it’s clear that theater companies like AMC and Regal are hoping scenes featuring well-known stars like Nicole Kidman and Danny Trejo enjoying a motion picture in its cinemas will convince viewers to visit its facilities, it’s also easy to understand why viewers are growing annoyed. It seems rather pointless to show an ad with somebody visiting the same movie theater they’re already at. It’s the same frustration you get while sitting through a commercial promoting a television channel you’re already watching.

Still, even though people are practically begging theaters to do away with this type of tedious advertising, they likely aren’t going anywhere. Even with all the criticism, AMC has received for its Nicole Kidman spot, the commercial put plenty of eyes on its brand. In fact, the clip was so successful for the company that it released a follow-up ad featuring the star.