Movie Re-Releases Prove Audiences Need Help

By Christopher Isaac | Published

If you are anything like me, you hop on the different streaming platforms each night looking for a way to unwind for a couple hours before bed. But then when actually faced with picking a movie, it feels overwhelming. Nothing really interests me that much, so we keep scrolling along hoping to see something more exciting.

Before I knew it, I’d spent twenty minutes looking for something and didn’t even want to watch a movie anymore. That’s honestly why I have started to prefer movie re-releases coming back to theaters. A movie being in theaters makes it feel like a big deal, and not having five hundred choices makes it so much easier to pick what I want.

More Focus Is Better

I know that might sound bizarre, but it really does apply to all aspects of life. How many times have you lost track of time scrolling on social media because you feel like some big thing you care about might just be a little further down your feed?

How horrible would restaurants be if they gave you a twenty-page menu to read through every time you wanted to order food? A more focused number of options is better because it shows you what is best and weeds out the stuff that is not worth your attention. That is why movie re-releases are still so popular.

Focusing On The Big Titles

showtime paramount movie re-releases

Choice paralysis is real because we all fear missing out. Streaming platforms are designed to be this way because it is addictive and keeps people around longer. But theaters don’t waste time showcasing some movie that went straight to DVD back in the day because that wouldn’t sell tickets.

Movie re-releases focus on the big titles because they only have so many theater spots they can offer. It takes away the choice paralysis of streaming because you only have to choose between like eight movies.

Old Favorites

And I have gotten to go back and watch so many great films through movie re-releases. Just last summer, I watched the original Jurassic Park in theaters and got to experience the theater-shaking roar of the T-Rex that everyone talked about in the ‘90s. I never got to feel that at the time due to being too young to see it originally.

Titanic And Others Back In Theaters

titanic ii

Movie re-releases also let me experience Titanic in theaters, away from all the distractions of cell phones and other people in the house talking over the movie. And with nothing to focus on but the movie, I finally got to see how powerful a film Titanic is when you let yourself get invested in it. By the time the credits rolled, I looked back and so many people in the audience were sobbing.

Easy To Be Cynical

movie theater movie re-releases

It is easy to be cynical and say movie re-releases are just theaters trying to double-dip on movies. But it is actually a rare treat to be able to watch these movies the way people did when they were originally released.

It is a great opportunity to discover what makes these movies so timeless. You just don’t get that when mindlessly scrolling on streaming platforms looking for a way to kill a couple of hours before bed.

Give It A Try

movie re-releases

If you haven’t tried it for yourself, check out some of the movies being re-released in your theaters to experience some of the classics the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

And I bet you’ll have a way easier time deciding which one to see than when dealing with the overwhelming options on Netflix.