Batman Beyond Series Happening With Michael Keaton?

Michael Keaton is getting back in the cape and cowl for sure. And now there's word he could be leading a live-action version of Batman Beyond

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Michael Keaton is making his return as Batman, something that seemed improbable not too long ago considering the actor’s age and just how much the franchise had moved on from his original starring role in 1989. But this is the future of comic book movies and series with literally everything and everyone on the table for new projects.

So it isn’t all that surprising, considering some of the source material and other animated works that we could get an *aged* Batman on screen. That’s going to be the case with Michael Keaton making an appearance as the character soon and maybe even getting a starring role in a Batman Beyond live-action remake. 

Michael Keaton starring in Batman Beyond comes from the recent news that HBO Max and the CW are continuing to team up regarding the DC properties both are putting on screen. We know already that Michael Keaton is set to have a role in The Flash, the latter’s solo movie with Ezra Miller in the lead role. But this latest rumor would begin to confirm Keaton’s expanding role in the DC Universe, this time in the form of a television series. It would put the show on the CW but would be co-financed by both companies in an effort to lend continuity to the characters across the different platforms. 

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A Batman Beyond adaptation would be a perfect spot to feature Michael Keaton in an expanded role once again as Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Based on the cartoon of the same name which originally appeared back in 1999, the show picks up with an aging Bruce Wayne who is long past his crimefighting days. He’s become something of a recluse with failing health and an increasingly negative outlook on life. Basically, his best superhero-ing days are well behind him and he’s become a shut-in. In some ways, it’s easy to see Keaton in this role and would be something of a natural successor to his original two Batman movies. 

In Batman Beyond, Bruce (Michael Keaton in this case) takes on a new protege in Terry McGinnis after the latter accidentally stumbles on Batman’s secrets. He’s only 16, though plenty capable of the skills needed to become the next guy to don the cowl. It’s a futuristic-type show with the McGinnis character taking on a totally new look for Batman. Gone is the flowing cape, replaced with actual batwings and he’s got a more energetic and teenage demeanor. 

Whether this Michael Keaton news comes to fruition remains to be seen, but folks had been speculating on this as the project for some time now. It just makes too much sense considering the actor’s age and having previously played the character more than three decades ago. Even that timing somewhat lines up with the Batman Beyond premise making it a logical endpoint for Keaton’s character. Could we even see Tim Burton help to bring this full-circle? Maybe. 

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Coming soon for Michael Keaton is, of course, the aforementioned The Flash. But he also has a role in Morbius with Jared Leto. And there are always rumors that he’ll return as Vulture at some point in the Spider-Man franchise. The guy has aged into the comic book roles nicely.