Exclusive: Michael Fassbender Is Joining The Marvel Universe, But Not As Magneto

Michael Fassbender is about to join the Marvel universe, but not as Magneto.

By Liana Keane | Updated

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Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is about to join the Marvel universe, but not as Magneto. While Marvel is bringing the X-Men into their official movie lore, the part of Magneto is likely to be recast. Instead, we’ve exclusively learned that Michael Fassbender is in negotiations for a totally different Marvel character. 

Our information comes from a proven source who has broken numerous, now confirmed, stories before. Our source is certain that Michael Fassbender is in negotiations with Marvel and that he will not play Magneto. However, it’s less certain exactly what Marvel character he will end up playing. The most prevalent rumor heard by our source is that Marvel wants Michael Fassbender as the Fantastic Four’s primary villain: Doctor Doom. 

Michael Fassbender last played a superhero villain in the 2019 movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix. There he reprised his role as Magneto, a part which he first took on back in 2011 as part of the X-Men soft reboot, X-Men: First Class.  But Dark Phoenix was a disaster and since then Marvel has regained control of the X-Men franchise with intentions of rebooting the mutant universe again.  That means Fassbender’s time as Magneto is over, and now he’s free to take on another iconic character.

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Michael Fassbender as Magneto in X-Men: First Class

Michael Fassbender as Doctor Doom makes a lot of sense. The character is usually portrayed as hyper-intelligent and aloof, something Fassbender does well. Doom was first played on screen by Julian McMahon in 2005’s Fantastic Four. Julian McMahon is sort of a low-rent Michael Fassbender, so bringing in the real deal to play the iconic Marvel villain makes a lot of sense.

Marvel’s new Fantastic Four movie is still in early development, but the news that Michael Fassbender is being lined up to play the film’s big bad is a confirmation that it’s moving forward as a priority for Marvel. The new Fantastic Four was first announced by Marvel head Kevin Feige at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con. Official news on the status of the project has been fairly scarce since then. 

We do know, however, that Marvel’s Fantastic Four is being directed by Jon Watts. Watts is also directing Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man, which means he’s set to become a major player in the development of the Marvel universe. Bringing in a big name like Michael Fassbender to play Victor von Doom could mean we’ll see the villain in other movies besides just Fantastic Four. Don’t be surprised if he ends up being introduced in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, as part of that movie’s cavalcade of Marvel character cameos.