Melissa Barrera Finally Speaks About Scream 7 Canceling Her And Jenna Ortega

By TeeJay Small | Published

Melissa Barrera was famously fired from the Scream franchise several months ago after making a series of social media posts referring to the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Everyone Leaving Scream

Following Barrera’s forced departure from the film, both Jenna Ortega and the film’s director, Christopher Landon, left as well, resulting in ongoing turmoil behind the scenes of the upcoming project.

Now, the 33-year-old actress has finally begun opening up about her firing and commented on the current state of the production.

Jenna Ortega Leaves Because Of Melissa Barrera

When Jenna Ortega departed Scream 7, fans first believed the move was made in solidarity with Melissa Barrera, in support of Palestine, or at the very least, in opposition to what the actress referred to as genocide.

According to the studio behind Scream, Ortega left the project due to scheduling conflicts brought by the production of Wednesday season 2.

Now, Melissa Barrera has publicly confirmed that Ortega left the project in protest of her firing, referring to the Wednesday Addams performer as a “good egg.”

Controversial Comments

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Furthermore, Melissa Barrera has taken the last several months as a time for quiet reflection and inward contemplation, expressing that she is proud of herself for doing the right thing by standing by Palestine, even if the comments were highly controversial.

When Spyglass fired Barrera from the film, they cited her posts as being antisemitic or minimizing the significance of the Holocaust, though the posts specifically called for an end to the genocide of any kind.

When asked if she regretted the backlash she received, Barrera simply said that advocating for human rights should not be considered a controversial opinion.

Not The First Star To Be Fired

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The Israel-Palestine situation has been the focus of a number of hot-button celebrity firings in recent months, with many stars in Hollywood taking strong opinions on one side or the other.

Some artists have publicly expressed a patent refusal to work with anyone who supports the opposition to their personal view, creating an incredibly tense working environment for many actors and film laborers.

Melissa Barrera notes in her recent comments to the media that she is not the first star to be fired for supporting Palestine, and she certainly won’t be the last.

Shocking Development

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Of course, the firing was shocking for those working on Scream 7 and fans of the long-running franchise. After all, the sixth installment performed so well, partially due to the front-and-center inclusion of Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega.

Barrera expressed to media outlets that her bond with Ortega is still strong and that the pair will always have each other’s backs.

Since departing Scream 7, Melissa Barrera has doubled down on her pro-Palestine stance, even joining a march supporting the movement while attending Sundance earlier this week.

Melissa Barrera Moves On

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Surely, this setback will do very little to leave a black mark on Melissa Barrera’s career, as the star has already moved on to several other leading roles in projects expected to film in 2024.

According to her IMDb, Barrera is slated to lead films titled The One, Abigail, and The Collaboration.

Fans have become concerned that the production of Scream 7 is doomed entirely, now that the film has lost two leads and a director.

Source: Variety