Meg Ryan Making A Comeback With A Sci-Fi Icon

Meg Ryan is set to return to the romantic comedy genre, in her first film in nearly a decade. She is also bringing along a sci-fi icon with her.

By James Brizuela | Published

meg ryan

Where has Meg Ryan been? No, really, she has seemingly been on hiatus for a bit too long. However, it has been reported that the 90s romantic comedy star is slowly making a comeback. Not only will she be starring in a new feature, but the actress will also be sitting in the director’s chair for her foray back into the genre that has made her millions. Ryan’s newest film is a romantic comedy called What Happens Later. If that wasn’t enough big news, she is bringing along one of the biggest sci-fi icons, David Duchovny.

What Happens Later is based on a play called Shooting Star, which was written by Steve Dietz. Dietz helped to pen the screenplay alongside a novelist named Kirk Lynn and Meg Ryan. The film follows Willa (Ryan) and Bill (Duchovny), as they are stranded in an airport. The pair were once significant others and haven’t seen one another in a few decades. Now they get to catch up with one another while stranded in an airport for some unknown reason.

Meg Ryan directing this feature is interesting, considering that she has not been in a film since 2018. However, she did star and direct Ithaca in 2015. That film saw Ryan reunite with Tom Hanks, whom she starred alongside in her biggest films. Hanks and Ryan were both in Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. Also, the previously mentioned Ithaca. Ryan returns to the directing chair for What Happens Later, as her glorious return to the romantic comedy genre.

meg ryan

What Happens Later is set for a theatrical run in 2023. Meg Ryan will be joined by producers Jonathan Duffy, Kelly Williams, Laura D. Smith, and Kristin Mann. Duffy and Williams are recipients of the Independent Spirit Award, as they were lauded for their work on the indie hit, Sorry to Bother You. The film is said to begin production in Arkansas next month.

Meg Ryan was once one of the most prominent figures in the romantic comedy genre, after spending the end of the 1980s and most of the 1990s in films that solely relied on the romantic subject matter. However, since directing Ithaca in 2015, she stopped acting. It could be due to some of her later projects never coming to fruition, but now she is set to make her comeback. Bringing along a big star in David Duchovny will certainly help this new feature as well, as the man has stayed busy throughout the years. There is no additional cast announced yet.

What Happens Later begins production very soon, with the likelihood of the film dropping sometime early next year. It stands to reason that we might see this Meg Ryan comeback feature sometime in Q1, which would be anywhere from January to April. With how fast streaming services are to picking up new films, we might also see the film make its way to any number of the streaming platforms that buy up big movies. Netflix and Apple TV+ might be two to look out for. The film is also set for a theatrical release, so there could also be some dual streaming and theater time for the film. This is speculation, but Meg Ryan making a comeback should be big news for film studios.