Mayim Bialik Jeopardy! Torn Apart By Fans For Reusing Material

Mayim Bialik was roasted by Jeopardy! fans for reusing the same Daily Double question from last week's episode for a recent Final Jeopardy.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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It’s no news to anyone that the legendary and long-running television game show Jeopardy! has had its fair share of shake-ups in recent history. Current host Mayim Bialik is facing a new set of upset from fans who are accusing the Big Bang actress and the writing team behind Jeopardy! of “reusing material” as a recently pitched “Daily Double” was a repeat from the week prior when it appeared as a “Final Jeopardy” clue. While competitor Justin Bolsen bet his entire winnings on the question and landed it successfully, viewers at home were upset that those behind the production would let such a major flub fall through the cracks.

Currently standing as the host of the High School Reunion Tournament, Mayim Bialik is putting 27 former Teen Tournament contestants to the test in their race to win the Jeopardy! special. The episode in question saw Justin Bolsen from Canton, Georgia up against American University student Teagan O’Sullivan and Harvard University pupil Shriya Yarlagadda facing off for the win. By the end of the game, Yarlagadda and Bolsen were as close as close can be, having raked in $8,800 and $8,600, respectively, when Bolsen nabbed the final “Daily Double.”

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Putting all his winnings up for the question, the clue was under “Astronomy and Space” and read: “With perihelion on July 28, it will be seen again from Earth in 2061, when all of you are looking back on your youthful hopes.” Pitched to Bolsen by Mayim Bialik, the competitor nailed the Jeopardy! question’s answer, “Halley’s comet” launching him into first place. Following the show, audiences took to their social media accounts and Reddit to slam the production for using a question that was just asked on the show one week ago. 

As reported by The Sun, Reddit fans got more than a little bit snarky with Mayim Bialik and Jeopardy’s production overlook by commenting things like “Jeopardy! viewers didn’t have to wait over 70 years for Halley’s Comet to come around again” and “Hally’s Comet is a clue subject that seems to come around about as often as full moons.” Others cheered Bolsen on for his bold decision that led to a massive payoff with most agreeing that it was a mind-boggling move on the part of the game show to reuse a question so soon, with one Redditor writing, “I suppose the fact that it’s a different clue set explains it but it’s still funny.”

This isn’t the first time Mayim Bialik and Jeopardy! have found themselves in hot water with recycled material and been accused of misleading both live and at-home players with some questionable wording. Hell-fire rained down when producers misspelled an Edgar Allan Poe quote in Final Jeopardy and audiences, like the show’s contestants, were confused by the wording on a question surrounding what would be answered as the Ford Model T.

And, while you can’t make everyone happy, viewers have been less than pleased with Mayim Bialik’s hosting position, with many excited for the return of Jeopardy! superstar, Ken Jennings. But, even with Jennings putting the contestants in the hot seat and asking the tough-to-answer questions, audiences will continue to pull away from the competitive trivia show if the producers don’t get their act together and continue to recycle old material thinking that their followers won’t notice. Some of the most dedicated fans out there, Jeopardy! fans are sure to pick up every misstep and roast those behind the show for their ongoing mistakes.