Marvel Resurrecting Jennifer Garner’s Superhero Character?

Marvel is considering bringing back a major character into the universe. Could Jennifer Garner be brought back into the superhero fold?

By Hayden Mears | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

With all the talk of multiverses and muddled timelines being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it stands to reason that some odd rumors will start swirling. After all, we’ve seen how quickly the rumor mill can generate conversation. One of these whispers, a supposed recasting of a poorly received Jennifer Garner performance, is bound to turn heads. The likelihood of Garner returning might be minimal but Geekosity brings early word that the Marvel character Elektra will return in a Daredevil reboot.

Elektra reentering the Marvel Universe is an exciting prospect, but who will end up playing the assassin? That remains to be seen. Both former Elektra actresses, Jennifer Garner and Elodie Yung, seem to be out of the picture for the time being. And that’s a shame. In their respective turns as the character, both did fine jobs in their own rights, though it’s tough to argue that Garner wasn’t given the short end of the stick. The timing of her original movie and the script, in general, meant that getting the character’s franchise off the ground was going to be tough at the time.

Jennifer Garner played Elektra in the critically reviled 2003 Daredevil film and then again in 2005’s Elektra. Both films were panned by critics and the latter was an abject failure at the box office as well. Much more recently, Elodie Yung portrayed Elektra in both the second season of the Marvel/Netflix show Daredevil and in the street-level superhero ensemble The Defenders. Not much is known about this reboot, but it seems likely that neither Garner nor Yung will return to the role.

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We last saw Elektra vanish under multiple stories’ worth of rubble at the end of The Defenders, leaving her fate shrouded in mystery. But after Netflix canceled their Marvel shows back in 2018, it seemed unlikely that we would ever see Elodie Yung return to the role. While that may hold true, it is fun to imagine Jennifer Garner returning to the original part. She wasn’t given the best material and given a second (technically third) chance, she could do a really solid job.

Frank Miller unleashed Elektra upon an unsuspecting readership in 1981, delivering a character who presented as many, if not more, problems for Daredevil than foes such as Kingpin or Bullseye ever could. Since her debut, she has appeared in countless Marvel stories across various media. Heck, she is even going to be a playable character in a Mondo board game soon. The character is extremely popular, and Jennifer Garner was never really given a fair shot at portraying her well. But if she were to return, it would be almost as unexpected of a shake-up as Dave Bautista possibly becoming the Batman villain Bane.

Jennifer Garner has not portrayed Elektra since 2005, and it is unlikely that we will see her in the role again. Marvel does not seem keen on giving her another shot, but hey, fans can dream, right? And again, please remember that this is still only a rumor. It could easily and quickly be debunked. However, if it is true, then we will keep our fingers crossed that whoever ends up nabbing the job helps the character find new life and new fans. In all, it’s cool to know Elektra is returning to the Marvel Universe.