Marvel Bringing Back One Of Their Best MCU Villains

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Thrilling news lies in store for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) devotees: Wilson Bethel will reprise his role as the iconic villain Bullseye in the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again. 

Previously, Bethel portrayed Benjamin Poindexter—better known by the moniker, Bullseye—in the third season of Netflix’s Daredevil. Bethel’s work was widely acclaimed, so his return to Daredevil and the larger MCU is highly anticipated.

Wilson Bethel Returning As Bullseye


However, though a celebrated development, the overall context of Bethel’s return remains a bit mysterious. The specifics of his role are undisclosed, and Marvel Studios has been tightlipped about the nitty-gritty of the villain’s role in the upcoming series. 

For its part, Daredevil: Born Again weathered its fair share of challenges. These include principal photography screechingly halting due to last year’s industry-wide writers’ and actors’ strikes.

Daredevil Born Again’s Production


Said interruptions resulted in a significant creative overhaul of the new Daredevil series set to feature Bullseye’s return. 

Originally intended as an 18-episode show, the project underwent significant revision, receiving a new showrunner, Dario Scardapene, the creative force behind The Punisher. 

Reportedly, the new framework under Scardapene will adhere to a format resembling the show’s Netflix predecessor. Expect an structural approach mirroring the original show’s 13-episode seasons.

Bullseye In Three Episodes


Other celebrated names in superhero content are attached to the project, including Justin Benson (of Moon Knight fame) and Aeron Moorhead (who directed Season 2 of Loki).

Each will direct the remaining episodes of the project, whose principal photography was stalled by Hollywood’s labor disputes. 

That said, the news that Bullseye will feature in three total episodes of the show will probably be of more pressing importance for MCU and Bullseye fans. 

Daredevil Vs. Kingpin

While the precise details of the coming Daredevil: Born Again are understandably under wraps, some information has made its way to the public.

For example, MCU fans will be happy to hear that the series continues the saga of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, portrayed by Charlie Cox.

Opposing him, as always, is the deliciously nefarious Wilson Fisk (better known as Kingpin), played wonderfully by the always-excellent Vincent D’Onofrio. Jon Bernthal will also reprise his role as Frank Castle—The Punisher. 

Fresh Take On Daredevil


Overall, the series should volunteer a fresh, compelling take on the Daredevil saga, a narrative extensively mined via movies and TV projects. Given its exposure, the reintroduction of Bullseye should enrich the franchise. 

It should be said that if the project retains familiar faces, it will nonetheless depart substantially from the Netflix show preceding it. D’Onofrio said as much recently to the press, underscoring and emphasizing that the series will comprise a “new show.” The actor went on to highlight the dedication and enthusiasm both he and Cox contribute to their roles. 

Daredevil On Netflix

daredevil charlie cox

Spanning three seasons from 2015 to 2018, the original Netflix Daredevil series refined superhero television through its gritty realism, dark humor, and compelling narrative.

Alongside beloved characters like Bullseye, the show charted the story arc of Murdock, a blind lawyer by day and masked vigilante by night, combating crime in New York’s aptly named Hell’s Kitchen. 

Streamers flocked to the series for its intense, enjoyable action sequences, authentic character development, and rich moral complexities. The show’s dark tone and Cox’s acting prowess earned it critical acclaim. 

We look forward to seeing what its new, television incarnation will bring, especially with Bullseye involved.

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