Disney+ Now Has The Perfect Way To Stream The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Disney+ has put out a new order for watching all of the movies and series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. New projects have shifted it some

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Whenever a franchise spans multiple timelines, the question always becomes which order is optimal if wanting to watch everything in order. That’s because as new productions come along, and more material is presented, not every story fits chronologically along the same lines as its release date. With all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and series available on Disney+, the streamer has released a new way they think fans or newcomers should take in the films. It’s worth checking out to see if you agree with how they’ve laid things out. 

On Disney+, the streamer posted a new Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline after the release of their limited series that have been coming out this year, plus Black Widow which finally hit theaters in the last couple of weeks. Most of the timeline is in line with what we’ve already had with no meaningful changes around previous works. But it’s interesting to see where the new Marvel shows work into the mix. Via TheDirect which compiled the visual aid for the new Marvel order, we can see where these new movies slot in. 

marvel cinematic universe

Black Widow is best seen right after Captain America: Civil War. For the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this one makes total sense considering we catch up with Natasha Romanoff on the run directly following the events of that movie. Being hunted down for violating the Sokovia Accords, she’s a fugitive at large after what went down with her, Captain America, and the rest of the crew. While we know they work out of that mess eventually, in this one she’s persona non grata among the government crowd. And also, knowing her end in the Endgame finale, it’s definitely best to get her backstory well in advance of the other movies. It works best in knowing how her story plays out. 

Other new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of the Disney+ series just released this year all come in the timeline following Avengers: Endgame. But the timeline order doesn’t match the release order. The first is Loki which just finished up its successful first season. Picking up right from the moment Loki disappears with the Space Stone and Tesseract and becomes a Time Variance Authority fugitive. 

The next up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe should be WandaVision which bends a few genres in the story of how Wanda Maximoff dealt with the pain and grief around her loss of Vision. That story, like Loki, began setting up some of the bigger movie storylines we are going to see in the universe. And finally, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is last in line. This one set the stage for the Captain America story moving forward, putting Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the shield-bearer for the next movie. 

In general, there aren’t any seismic shifts to the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline right now. Most of these were rather obvious with the only real questions around the three Disney+ series. It’s unlikely, at least right now, to matter which order you take these three in, considering they have very little overlap with each other. Are there any changes you would make to the order Disney is recommending?