Marvel Cancels Terrible TV Series Idea, Redeveloping As A Terrible Movie?

By Jason Collins | Published

Young Avengers

Back when Marvel announced that they were developing a WandaVision television show, the fandom was ecstatic about the idea of having something MCU could binge-watch. Then came The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, followed by Loki—all of which were absolute hits. But then the fandom had its fill, the market saturation kicked in, and the overall quality of subsequent releases suffered due to Disney’s “quantity over quality” approach. However, Marvel is now canceling the Young Avengers TV series and developing it as a movie.

Young Avengers was initially announced as a TV series for Disney’s Disney+ streaming platform, which, at the time, wasn’t all that surprising, considering that the company was still pushing its subsidiaries to pump out more content for the content-hungry masses. However, even the chunky kid from the playground eventually has its fill of cake, especially when pastry chefs start using margarine instead of butter. Disney’s response, at least according to Hollywood insiders, is that the company decided to make the series into a film.

While this is still an unconfirmed rumor, there might be some credibility to the claims. In their response to the streak of poor criticism of their most recent releases, Disney stated that they’re cutting down on quantity in favor of quality and that they’re moving away from theatrical releases in favor of streaming content. And in truth, Young Avengers would probably work better as a movie, or even a series of movies, like the original Avengers, rather than a TV show. Additionally, Kevin Feige is reportedly looking to showcase significant events in a theatrical setting.

Young Avengers
Future Young Avenger, Ms. Marvel?

Now, this makes sense. We’re not saying that MCU’s TV releases are a bad thing—please note that we’re not referring to their respective qualities. They’re great for setting the stages for major events within the cinematic universe, similar to the way in which the first three phases set up the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Imagine if Endgame was a three-season series. Watching Chris Hemsworth’s Thor emotionally reflecting upon his actions and Loki’s death while trying to focus the gigantic lens of a star for 23 minutes would kill the series immediately.

This only goes to say that some formats work for certain releases, and some don’t, and Marvel switching things up to make Young Avengers into a movie rather than a series might actually be for the better. We already have a full library of Marvel-based series that were prematurely canceled due to declining quality. But for now, the good thing is that the Young Avengers project is still on the drawing board despite the supposed format change. The only question remaining now is what the production date and subsequent release date are.

Unfortunately, those dates aren’t really set in stone yet since Young Avengers is still in its conceptual phase, and considering that the movie has only been teased once at the end of The Marvels, it might take several years for Young Avengers to grace us with their presence on streaming or silver screens. That tease pushed the notion of Ms. Marvel, Cassie Lang, and Kate Bishop teaming up to form the group. But will they remain young enough to portray the iconic Marvel superhero team?

Source: GeekTyrant