How The Mandalorian Will Handle Gina Carano’s Character Now That She’s Gone

With Gina Carano now fired from The Mandalorian and future Star Wars projects, a new rumor suggests how Lucasfilm will deal with Cara Dune.

By Hayden Mears | Published

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Gina Carano’s firing from The Mandalorian has outraged and satisfied fans in equal measure, reflecting two wildly different schools of thought in a hopelessly polarized fandom. One side shares Carano’s belief that Disney bullied her. The other sees Lucasfilm’s move as a necessary course of action. Regardless of which side you’ve aligned yourself with, the question still remains: How is The Mandalorian going to just explain away one of its most prominent characters? As it turns out, Lucasfilm is taking the easiest and most predictable route.

Gossip writer Daniel Richtman brings word that Lucasfilm is simply going to ignore Gina Carano’s character, Cara Dune, moving forward. No further explanation or mention at all. No fanfare for her exit. No offscreen death. Nothing. She is just gone. That may not make the most sense narratively but it does strengthen the zero-tolerance policy Disney is adopting. Carano generated controversy months ago when she posted problematic things on her social media, eventually prompting Disney to take drastic action. Hopefully, this sets a precedent and discourages others from using their large platforms to promote hateful – or as was often the case with Carano’s posts – untrue messages.

Gina Carano is a major player in the seismic events characterizing the show’s second season, and she was rumored to appear in the upcoming spin-off Rangers of the New Republic, but at this point, Disney and Lucasfilm have since scrapped any and all plans involving her character.

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It will be interesting to see how all of this shakes out, especially because Gina Carano is leaning so hard into the notion that she was targeted for her conservative beliefs. Still, Carano may have a difficult time finding work going forward, and it’s absolutely because she helped spread false information and made fun of marginalized groups. It is unlikely that Lucasfilm will give her another job offer, but the negative response to the company’s decision has been significant. There is no doubt that we have not heard the last of this – or of Carano.

In an effort to speak out against this perceived injustice, Gina Carano is making a movie with conservative pundit and The Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro, a career move that many of her detractors see as her digging a deeper hole for herself. The movie will only be made available to The Daily Wire subscribers and most likely will not be available for quite some time, but Carano has made it abundantly clear that she refuses to remain silent about what has happened to her over the past few weeks.

But now that Gina Carano’s future with Lucasfilm and the Star Wars universe is no more, it might be best that Disney decides to just try and move past Carano and Cara Dune by ignoring the character. While this is just a rumor at this point, it makes sense for Disney to try and not bring more attention to the fact that Dune is no longer a part of this world. But we’ll likely have to wait until The Mandalorian‘s third season to find out how Lucasfilm decides to deal with Cara Dune, or if they decide to simply avoid her existence altogether.

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