The Madcap Thriller On Streaming Finding A New Generation Of Fans

By TeeJay Small | Published

These days, medical dramas are all the rage, with long-running series such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, and Chicago Med raking in incredible Nielsen ratings. One now-concluded series, however, features a number of off-the-wall dramatic set pieces that set it a cut above the rest.

Out-of-context clips resurfacing and going viral on social media have rejuvenated interest in the show. The series in question is House, which ran for eight seasons on Fox from 2004 until 2012.

Stream House On Amazon Prime Video

House, also known as House M.D., is currently available to stream, in its entirety, through Amazon Prime Video. The series was created and adapted for television by Law & Order producer David Shore, who would go on to create The Good Doctor in 2017. The series was massively successful during its initial run, consistently receiving Primetime Emmy attention, and taking the title of most-watched television program in the world for the year 2008.

Social Media Makes House More Popular Than Ever


Despite the show’s massive success, young people are still just discovering House through social media clips. The medical drama utilized a number of insane plot lines during its run, including filtering a patient’s blood through a live pig, a hospital shooting, and one instance of the main character serving time in prison after attempting vehicular manslaughter on his love interest and her entire family. Needless to say, new audiences who discover these out-of-context scenes online frequently flock to Amazon Prime to binge the entire series.

Hugh Laurie As House

The show centers on a medical genius based loosely on famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, named Gregory House (Hugh Laurie). Like many television geniuses, House is a misanthropic loner who frequently clashes with his friends and colleagues, due to his own arrogant need to be right about everything. While leading a team of diagnosticians at a New Jersey hospital, House examines a new medical anomaly in each episode, resulting in a number of fascinating scientific discoveries.

Insane But Real Medical Emergencies

house MD

Despite the bonkers writing, the medical cases shown on House are often scientifically accurate, leading some teachers to show episodes of the series in schools. Dr. House suffers from a permanent limp and a dependency on painkillers due to complications from an infection years before the show’s narrative begins, making him a constant target for medical malpractice suits.

The series stars a wide array of talented performers, including Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison, Olivia Wilde, and Hugh Laurie as the cantankerous Dr. House. House has continued to impress critics and general audiences alike in the years since the series concluded, resulting in the show holding a staggering 90 percent certified fresh critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 96 percent score from audiences at large.

Over 100 Episodes To Binge


If you haven’t yet had the chance to dive into the world of obscure medical mysteries and hospital hijinks, be sure to stream House on Amazon Prime Video today. There are over 100 45-minute-long episodes available in the full series, making it the perfect show to binge and obsess over for long periods of time.