Loki Actress Confirms Her Season 2 Return

She's back!

By Matthew Creith | Published

loki season 2

Disney+ has been on a roll since its debut in 2019, aided by the plethora of television series under the Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrellas. Beginning with the miniseries WandaVision, the streaming platform has become known by many fans of Marvel’s output to be the go-to place to watch original shows featuring many of Marvel’s famous faces. One of those shows is Loki, which was quickly renewed for season two after the show’s first season was still dropping new episodes in 2021. With many rumors flying around about who will return for the upcoming Loki season 2, there has now been confirmation about an actor reprising their role.

According to Screen Rant, Miss Minutes from season one of Loki will be back for another go in season 2. The news has been confirmed by the Canadian-American actor Tara Strong who provides the voice of Miss Minutes. Starting in the series’ pilot episode, Strong portrayed the animated mascot shaped as a clock of the Time Variance Authority. Fit with a southern accent and charming personality, Miss Minutes introduced the Time Variance Authority to both Loki and the audience while remaining loyal to He Who Remains, aka Kang the Conqueror, played by Jonathan Majors.

miss minutes

It is expected that unannounced guest stars may be a focal point of Loki season 2, with Tom Hiddleston remaining as the star of the series in the titular role of Loki. Production on Loki is still ongoing, with the second season not set to be released until sometime in 2023. However, the news that Miss Minutes will return to the Disney+ show means that Loki will be reintroduced to a character that began as benign but transitioned into a more significant part of the series towards the climax of the initial six-episode run. According to Gizmodo, Miss Minutes was designed to be a fun character with some depth, similar to old cartoon favorites Roger Rabbit and Felix the Cat.

As for the stars of the first season of Loki, it seems that season 2 may be a chance to continue the misadventure storylines of the God of Mischief. However, many of the performers have been busy with other projects outside of Disney+. Prior to starting filming on the second season of Loki, Tom Hiddleston had been promoting the miniseries The Essex Serpent, co-starring Claire Danes and Frank Dillane. Jonathan Majors will soon see his star rise as he plays a significant character in the upcoming Creed III, directed by franchise star Michael B. Jordan. Majors will also be reprising his role as the villainous Kang The Conqueror in 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Series regular Gugu Mbatha-Raw will next be seen in a starring role on Apple TV+’s newest limited series, Surface, which debuts July 29th. According to a report by Screen Rant, Mbatha-Raw will also be returning to season two of Loki as Ravonna Renslayer. As for Miss Minutes herself, Tara Strong has provided the voice of Harley Quinn in the soon-to-be-released video game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.