New Lightyear Trailer Finds The Hero Lost In Time

Pixar has released a brand-new trailer for Lightyear, which shows a host of new characters, and shows the titular hero lost in the future.

By James Brizuela | Published


Pixar has finally released an official and new trailer for the highly anticipated Buzz Lightyear spin-off. The new film, aptly titled Lightyear, follows the story of how the famed astronaut was then based on the toy we all know from Toy Story. The new trailer goes a lot more deeply into the plot of the new film, which also features some high-level voice acting talent. See Buzz rocket into space, and the cast of unique characters he meets along his way. You can see the trailer below:

Quite honestly, this looks to be the most excitable and ambitious Pixar movie ever released. Apart from the unique animation style that makes the characters look close to humans, well, in terms of animation, there is a lot more darkness to this new trailer. Buzz Lightyear is an astronaut with Star Command who finds himself in trouble when a routine flight sends the man forward 62 years into the future. There, the world is now a desolate place that is run by terrifying robots and the evil Emperor Zurg. Buzz once had a partner named Alicia Hawthorne; he now runs into her granddaughter. Here, in the future, Buzz meets the new Hawthorne, Darby Steel (Dale Soules), Izzy (Keke Palmer), and Morrison (Taika Waititi). Alicia Hawthorne and her granddaughter are both voiced by Uzo Aduba. Buzz’s trusty cat cyborg companion is Sox, voiced by Peter Sohn. From the trailer alone, Lightyear seems like it is going to be full of heart.

There is plenty to be excited about in Lightyear. Many were wondering why Chris Evans is voicing Buzz, and not franchise regular Tim Allen. Well, Evans does sound like a younger version of the character. Also, the toy was based on the real Buzz Lightyear, so that could be the workaround that Pixar developed for the voice choice. Fans of Toy Story will recognize some of the same Buzz-worthy quotes in the trailer. The trailer opens with Buzz narrating his own adventure, much like he does in Toy Story. He also complains that Star Command cannot hear him, a running gag from the original Toy Story film. There is no line greater than his signature catchphrase, “To Infinity and Beyond,” in which he speaks to Alicia Hawthorne. He tries to say it to her granddaughter at the end of the trailer, which gets mixed up as some sexual innuendo. Real adult, Pixar.

Lightyear will come rocketing into theaters on June 17th, and this will be the first time in which Pixar has revamped a previously established character. The film will also break ground as being the first Disney-made picture to feature a same-sex kiss. There are plenty of people up in arms about this idea, and Disney has seen plenty of issues because of its labored stance on the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida, but now Lightyear means to be the first of its kind to show different sexual orientation in a Disney film. We honestly can’t wait to see the epic fight between Buzz and Emperor Zurg.