Kristen Stewart Signing Up To Play A Superhero?

A superhero movie is a major commitment. Is it the next step for Kristen Stewart?

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Kristen Stewart

Currently, Kristen Stewart is filming Spencer, where she stars as Princess Diana. Is her next project going to be with Marvel or DC? According to insider Daniel Richtman, Stewart is currently wanted for a superhero role at both Marvel and DC. If she signs up with either company, it will bring the actress back into the spotlight in a way she seems to have mostly avoided since the Twilight movies. Recently, she was in the Charlie’s Angels reboot. While that didn’t do well, it speaks to a willingness to sign on for big projects again. Could she now be ready to take on the role of a superhero?

While the news that DC and Marvel want the actress is new, the idea of Kristen Stewart as a superhero has come up before. In 2019, she was publicly asked which superhero she’d like to play if given the opportunity. At the time, she was discussing what it was like to be an LGBTQ actress in Hollywood. She was repeatedly advised that publicizing her romantic relationships with women would stop her from ever getting a role with Marvel. In these instances, Marvel was simply used as a placeholder for a major company, but it sparked the superhero question. Who would she want to play? She appeared to mull that over a moment before replying, “A gay one!”.

While it was a joke at the time, it’s one that actually makes sense with some of her other parts. Kristen Stewart was in the movie Happiest Season for Hulu, where she starred in an LGBTQ Christmas movie. While she isn’t limiting her acting choices to LGBTQ characters, that does seem to be an incentive. Marvel has just recently filmed their first same-sex kiss for a married couple in The Eternals. It may be a good time for them to expand on that representation.

Happiest Season

On that note, Poison Ivy is really a villain, not a hero. However, she’d be a fun character to see more of. Uma Thurman had a lot of fun in this role in the 1997 Batman & Robin. Poison Ivy has been known as a romantic interest of both Batman and Harley Quinn, so there’s room for Kristen Stewart to play Poison Ivy in a Batman or Harley Quinn production. Though Stewart and Pattinson ended their relationship on bad terms, they’re friends these days. Twilight fans might love to see Stewart appear in a Batman film with Pattinson. And in DC Comics, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn’s relationship has gotten a lot of recent attention in their recent Pride Month Celebration collection

Similarly, Catwoman would be a fun role for Kristen Stewart to take on.

Currently, conversations are happening around the casting of Zatanna for DC. While Emilia Clarke has long been a fan favorite for the role, could this be the moment for Kristen Stewart to come forward instead?


For roles at Marvel, there are possibilities like Sue Storm. Kristen Stewart as Lady Loki would be a popular choice. In mythology, Loki is often presented as a woman. Stewart has long been a fan-favorite for this role in communities like Twitter and Tumblr, where fanart has attempted to bring this possibility to life.

This is all just speculation, of course. What we know so far is that Richtman has heard the studios are considering her for a role as a superhero. If Kristen Stewart decides to join a comic book movie, it would be interesting to see just how big of a role she chooses to take on.