New Knights Of The Old Republic Games Are On The Way

New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games are on the way.

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For a brief moment, there was a rumor that a new Knights of the Old Republic game was on the way. While that’s still holding on, there’s now a much bigger rumor that there are multiple Knights of the Old Republic games in development. This upgrade comes from industry insider Daniel Richtman on his Patreon. The rumors circulating also suggest that at least one of the new games will be created by a company that isn’t Electronic Arts or BioWare. 

In 2003, we got the first Knights of the Old Republic game. Initially, this game was released only for Xbox and Windows computers, though it expanded in 2004. The game was developed by BioWare. At the time, BioWare wasn’t a big player. Today, we know them for games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Knights of the Old Republic was their first hit. It soon became a fan favorite for both gamers and Star Wars audiences.

Knights of the Old Republic takes place about 4,000 years before the events in the original trilogy. The story introduced Darth Malak as a villain looking to unleash a Sith fleet. It follows a Jedi trying to stop the Sith from destroying the Galactic Republic, who are unaware of the threats against them. The end of the story has a famous plot twist and gets referenced frequently by fans. 

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The story for Knights of the Old Republic was popular. Despite this, when Disney acquired Star Wars, they effectively wiped the story from canon. While fans are meant to ignore the events from the video games, some references to the events have been made in other series. For example, the Star Wars Rebels animated series made references to plot points from Knights of the Old Republic

Eight years ago, Electronic Arts began handling all of LucasFilm’s games. Now, the company has announced there is a new Star Wars game coming from Ubisoft. There’s also an Indiana Jones game coming from Bethesda. While these announcements are exciting, they aren’t giving us any hints as to who will be handling any of the Knights of the Old Republic games we hear are coming out. The only hint we’ve had comes from Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier. He commented on a thread that he was confident no one would be able to guess who was developing the game. That rules out Electronic Arts, as the rumor suggests. It also rules out BioWare, the original developer. But then who? And will the new games for the Old Republic be coming from just one company, or could multiple companies be working on new releases in this series?

Not everyone has been excited about Knights of the Old Republic games. Some have suggested that while the game was great, it’s past its time and High Republic games would be more exciting. Others have expressed concerns about the game being made by new creators. They’d be more onboard if the game was coming from BioWare.

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Interestingly, both Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah recently left BioWare. Both worked on the original Knights of the Old Republic. The pair didn’t announce what they were doing next. They could just be leaving the industry. They both released personal statements on their departure. Perhaps they’re just going on to live their lives. It will be interesting to watch for announcements on where those two may land though, especially as we wait for more news on these promised Star Wars games.

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