A Forgotten Keanu Reeves Action Thriller Is Crushing On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

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In the vast filmography of Keanu Reeves, few roles showcase his gritty, no-holds-barred acting prowess quite like Street Kings. Streaming now on Netflix in select locations outside the United States, this intense crime thriller sees Reeves in the murky world of LAPD corruption and gang violence.

If you’re in the mood for a pulse-pounding narrative full of unexpected twists, look no further. Dive deep into Los Angeles’ underbelly, where the lines between law and crime blur and see why this is in Netflix’s Top 10 worldwide right now.

Street Kings dives deep into the turbulent waters of the Los Angeles Police Department, shedding light on corruption and the fine line that officers walk between upholding the law and breaking it. The Keanu Reeves film grips the viewer from the get-go, providing a hard-hitting portrayal of the tumultuous world of undercover policing.

Street Kings stars Keanu Reeves as an officers in the Los Angeles Police Department

At the heart of the story is Detective Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves), a disillusioned cop with questionable methods, fueled by the haunting memories of his wife’s death. He’s the kind of officer who gets results, even if it means bending the rules or stepping outside of them altogether.

Under the mentorship of his superior, Captain Jack Wander (Forest Whitaker), Keanu Reeves as Ludlow has learned that in the brutal world of crime-fighting, sometimes ends justify means. But as the movie unravels, it’s clear that their vision of “justice” is far from what’s written in the books.

The movie’s plot takes a significant turn when Ludlow’s former partner, Detective Terrance Washington (Terry Crews), is brutally murdered in what appears to be a gang hit. But as Keanu Reeves’s character digs deeper into the case, it becomes evident that there’s more to his partner’s death than meets the eye.

The investigation takes Ludlow down a dangerous path, leading him to question his colleagues, the department, and even his own actions. What follows is a tense, action-packed hunt for the truth, filled with betrayal, deception, and a series of shocking revelations.

Adding depth to the narrative is the ensemble cast that brilliantly portrays the morally grey world of Street Kings. Hugh Laurie plays the role of Captain James Biggs, an internal affairs agent who’s been keeping a close eye on Ludlow’s unconventional methods.

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Chris Evans appears as the young and principled Detective Paul Diskant, who partners with Ludlow to solve Washington’s murder. Their dynamic is engaging, with Diskant’s by-the-book approach often clashing with Ludlow’s rogue tactics.

Naomie Harris gives a moving performance as Linda Washington, the grieving wife of the slain detective. Her character provides a deeper insight into the effects of the rampant corruption and how it impacts the families of those involved. Other notable cast members include the likes of Common, The Game, and Martha Higareda, each adding layers to the story with their performances.

In addition to Keanu Reeves, Street Kings includes Forest Whitaker, Chris Evans, Terry Crews, and Naomi Harris

In Street Kings, director David Ayer, known for his gritty urban tales, weaves a complex web of characters and motivations. It’s a reflection on the corruptible nature of power, the price of loyalty, and the lengths one would go to seek out the truth.

Through Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of Ludlow, the movie raises pertinent questions about morality, justice, and redemption in a world where right and wrong are often indistinguishable.

Ah, Street Kings. When it comes to critical reception, this film landed somewhere in the middle. Critics didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for it, but they didn’t toss rotten tomatoes either. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie sits at a decent, though not outstanding, rating.

The consensus? It’s a gritty crime drama that offers a good dose of action and some solid performances, especially from Keanu Reeves. But some reviewers also felt it tread familiar ground and didn’t bring much new to the cop drama genre. It’s like serving up a dish that’s tasty but not exactly the gourmet meal you were hoping for.

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As for the box office, Street Kings had a respectable run. It didn’t break records or challenge big franchise numbers, but it held its own. On a budget of around $20 million, the film raked in over $65 million globally.

It’s not “buy a new yacht” money, but it’s a healthy profit. All in all, while it didn’t set the cinematic world on fire, Street Kings found its audience and offered them a peek into the dark alleyways of the LAPD. And hey, any time we get to see Keanu flexing his acting chops outside of the ‘John Wick’ realm, it’s a treat, right?

Street Kings stands as a testament to Keanu Reeves’ versatility and the enduring allure of gritty cop dramas. It might not be the crown jewel in Reeves’ filmography, but for a dark night in, accompanied by popcorn and an appreciation for shades of grey in storytelling, it’s a pick that promises to entertain. Dive in and see for yourself!