Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Movie In The Works?

A Justice League vs. Suicide Squad movie sounds crazy, but it actually might happen.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

justice league vs suicide squad

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad sounds like a movie that most people would never dream could be happening. But, a recent rumor and a look at some other intriguing information say that just such a showdown film could be on the table.

We Got This Covered is reporting that a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad movie is not only being considered over at Warner Bros., but that this versus film was in the works prior to the chilly reception both Suicide Squad and Justice League received from critics and audiences. It sounds like Warner Bros./DC Comics really wants to bring these two properties together. And they are determined to do it no matter what.

suicide squad kill the justice league

The new Suicide Squad video game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, is a pretty clear indication that DC wants to push the idea of a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad franchise of some sort. And they have certainly met in the comics before, so there is plenty of precedent for this matchup to happen. But, a potential feature film might rely on the response to two upcoming Warner Bros./DC projects.

2021 will deliver both Zack Snyder’s Justice League and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad to viewers, and it sounds like Warner Bros./DC are using these two releases to gauge the potential popularity of a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad movie. If they both do well, the rumor from We Got This Covered seems to indicate that the studio wants to pursue bringing these two collectives together.

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It’s not a bad plan! Justice League vs. Suicide Squad sounds like it would act similarly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America: Civil War. Bringing together two factions to fight is always a draw for audiences, and if they end up really enjoying the new characters we meet in The Suicide Squad, it could propel this idea of a smackdown movie even further.

The only issue might be one of tone. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is undoubtedly going to be a very dire affair, while James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad looks to be another one of the director’s trademark twisted romps. Would these two worlds collide in an amiable way if they met for a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad movie? Or would their styles clash more than they would compliment each other? And who would take over writing and directing duties for such a massive undertaking? Would Snyder and Gunn work together on the script? Or would one of them take the lead? Or would this be spearheaded by a totally different head creative?

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This rumor definitely has us asking a lot of questions. We will have to wait and see if Justice League vs. Suicide Squad actually ends up happening, and it sounds like a lot of that responsibility lies at the feet of Zack Snyder and James Gunn. Zack Snyder’s Justice League will premiere on HBO Max in 2021, and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad will premiere in theaters on August 6, 2021. If those are both hits, we might actually see these two teams battle it out on the big screen.