Jessica Biel Is Nearly Unrecognizable As A Murderer For New Series

Where normally Jessica Biel is breaking hearts with her looks, she looks almost unrecognizable in her new role for the Hulu series, Candy.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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It’s not often that makeup artists get to turn a celebrity into something completely different looking, take Colin Farrell in The Batman, but it’s as fun when they achieve high success and make said celebrity look unrecognizable. Jessica Biel is the next one on that list as she has been spotted filming for her upcoming true-crime series, Candy. Biel was spotted on set looking nothing like her normal and vivacious self, which is due to her need to look older for her role. Whereas de-aging is a popular process for older actors these days, it looks as if Biel went in the opposite direction.

From the above headshot, Jessica Biel looks as if she has gone through the process of looking older than she currently is to better portray Candy Montgomery. Complete with a bright blue dress and square-framed glasses. What a look. Candy Montgomery was infamously acquitted of murder charges back in 1980, for which this mini-series details. It was reported that Elisabeth Moss was first given the role but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Even though Biel has not been as active as of late, she has an affinity for gritty crime dramas and happily stepped into the role of Candy.

The limited true-crime series is set to run on Hulu and is likely to release sometime later this year. The synopsis of the shows describes Candy Montgomery as “having it all”—a loving husband with a good job, a daughter and son, and a nice house in the brand new suburbs. The series then begs the question, “so why did she kill her friend with an ax?” These questions are going to be answered with Jessical Biel taking on the titular role. This true-crime drama certainly sounds to be exciting and harrowing at the same time.

More images have appeared on Twitter, showing off Jessica Biel in her new outfit for the show, which clearly doesn’t look like most of what the starlet is usually seen in. Especially considering that her hair has been given a sort of gray-like tint to it. She might just be doing her best at method acting to get into the mind of a mother who turned into a savage killer, or at least that is what the synopsis for the show seems to imply. Either way, she looks to be jumping head first into this role.

Jessica Biel more recently played the role of Cora Tannettii in the crime drama, The Sinner, for which she was also an executive producer. The series ran from 2017-2021 on USA Network. It sounds as if the actress is wanting to transition to being a lot more heavily involved with true-crime dramas, with the role of Candy Montgomery being her second in that genre the last five years.

Although Candy is currently filming, there are no details about the release window, but that could mean the mini-series releases sometime this year. However, if the filming process drags a little bit, everyone can expect to see a much different-looking Jessica Biel in the show early next year. Candy will be exclusively streamed on Hulu.