James Bond Fans Think Richard Madden Has Been Cast As 007

An Instagram video posted by Richard Madden has fans suspecting his preference for martinis means he's been cast as 007.

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated

james bond
Richard Madden

People are buzzing about James Bond being portrayed by Richard Madden after he and Stanley Tucci shared martinis together on Instagram. The Eternals and Citadel star seems to be making something of the moment, keeping his eyes on the audience and not his drinking companion. Tucci even remarks, “Were you looking directly at the camera?” before the two share a chuckle.

But is this moment really a James Bond clue from Richard Madden? It’s hardly the first time there’s been talk of him taking on the role, as he was pegged as the “favorite” by Winter Is Coming as much as a year ago. And then there’s that look he gives the camera, which could be either knowing and cheeky or just staring down the slight awkwardness of having nothing to say.

Indeed, nothing is said about James Bond in the clip by either Richard Madden or Stanley Tucci, but does anything need to be said? The super spy’s signature drink has long been a symbol of the character and it’s possible that Tucci and Madden knew exactly what they were doing. Idris Elba, long talked about among fans as a favorite choice for the next 007, sent a message that his character, John Luther, was not his Bond stepping stone by turning down the cocktail in Luther: The Fallen Sun.

It’s not unlikely, then, that James Bond was on Richard Madden’s mind in the clip, and if you watch it with that idea in mind, it can feel pretty convincing. Still, Madden’s closing comment, “Join us next week when we’ll have some dialogue,” might mean the moment was just about sipping martinis. That is, unless that dialogue is a more formal announcement, which we rather doubt.

Either way, the James Bond buzz around Richard Madden is likely to continue until there is an official announcement, either of the new Bond’s casting or of Madden not taking the role. Of course, Henry Cavill seems to be a fan favorite as successor to Daniel Craig, even though we exclusively reported that he was in talks to play a classic Bond villain. And there is still talk of other actors, such as Tom Hiddleston, to take on the iconic role.

If James Bond is the next move for Richard Madden, sipping a martini would not be a bad way to give fans a clue about his having been cast. Then again, the actor could just be expressing that he would be very interested in the role, accepting it as he does his martini, which he describes, to the camera, as “Delicious.” There is also always the possibility that he and Tucci are just playing a bit of a joke, or that they had nothing in mind but a quiet, somewhat awkward moment of martini sipping.

The James Bond talk that surrounds him is surely not at all news to Richard Madden, and we can imagine he’s thought about what it would be like to step into that particular tuxedo, but there’s no evidence that he has been in talks for the part. According to Bond casting director Debbie McWilliams, no one under 30 is being considered, and Madden is 36, which keeps him well in the running on that account. But whether he will beat out other possible contenders like Tom Hardy, Regé-Jean Page, James Norton, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, only time—and Barbara Broccoli—can tell.