James Bond Fans Are Not Happy With The Franchise’s Future

The producer for the next James Bond film recently said there is no script and that casting calls haven't even started.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

daniel craig james bond

Since Daniel Craig announced his departure from the James Bond franchise, fans have been in a constant state of anxiety. Who will replace him? Who could ever fill his super spy shoes? Well, according to LAD Bible, we won’t be finding out anytime soon. “We haven’t even started casting yet,” said producer Barbara Broccoli. “There isn’t even a script.” So there is still no word on whether someone like Aaron Taylor-Johnson or even Charlie Cox will become the next 007.

So … all that speculating everyone has been doing about who will play James Bond has, so far, been for naught, which is quite a bummer for fans. No one can guess who is playing or should play James Bond because, at the moment, there is no James Bond. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from throwing names out there.

One name that has gotten particular traction in the James Bond fan community is Idris Elba. He has the suave, debonair attitude of a British spy, plus he has shown in past roles that he can handle the action scenes like a pro. Unfortunately, though, he recently took himself out of consideration for the role, as he said that he is too busy with his role as Detective John Luther in Luther to take on another big role like this one.

Barbara Broccoli confirms that this would be a mismatch. “We love Idris,” she said. “The thing is, [the casting decision] is going to be a few years off. And when we cast Bond, it’s a 10-12 year commitment.” She said that not every actor would want to commit to a role that lasts for such a long time, especially if they have other projects in the works. Plus, 50-year-old Elba would be a bit too old by then, as they are ideally looking for a “30-something” actor. 

This is another criterion that will make it tough to cast the role of James Bond: Broccoli and her team are not just looking for someone young enough to be convincing in an action role and to be able to carry the mantle for quite some time, but they are also looking for someone who would appear to have some experience behind them. Broccoli states that in the past, they considered a younger Bond, but it just wouldn’t be convincing for someone who has “been through the wars, so to speak” to look like a kid fresh out of spy college.

So, that means that another fan suggestion, Tom Holland, is out, as he is only 26 and often takes advantage of his baby face to play younger roles on screen. Tom Hardy is also out, as he is on the other end of the age spectrum at 45. 

henry cavill spider-uk
Henry Cavill‘s name has been thrown around in considerations for the next James Bond

Henry Cavill, though, could just barely make it in at 39 years old and has previously mentioned that he “would absolutely jump at the opportunity” to play James Bond. Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page could also fit the bill at 34, and would cut quite the dashing figure as well.

But, as I already warned you, all of this is just speculation and wishful thinking at this point, as the 26th James Bond film is still several years away. Filmmakers don’t want to rush things just because Daniel Craig’s reign as Bond is over, and they want to make absolutely sure that the next James Bond will be a perfect fit for the decades-long film franchise.