1980s Monster Horror Superhero Series Must Get Blockbuster Movie

By Douglas Helm | Published


Those 1980s Hasbro cartoons made to sell toys like Transformers and GI Joe have all gotten a turn at a major blockbuster franchise, but the Inhumanoids franchise has been left in the dust. Now, it’s time for Hollywood to give this underrated animated and toy franchise a blockbuster of its own. Since they’re already planning on making a Transformers and GI Joe crossover movie, we might as well get all of the Hasbro animated toy shows in on the fun.



Inhumanoids was produced by Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel Productions while the legendary Toei Animation provided the animation for the series. The lore is a bit complicated, but on the surface, the franchise is about a group of scientists/superheroes known as Earth Corps who uncover a trio of subterranean kaiju known as the Inhumanoids. Together, the Earth Crops battle these kaiju with the help of elemental beings known as Mutores.

Never Had The Spotlight

Inhumanoids never had quite the spotlight like its fellow Hasbro shows Transformers and GI Joe, as it began as a series of animated shorts that aired during a “Super Sunday” block of other shots like Jem and the Holograms, Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines, and Robotix.

Being buried amongst other animated series made it hard for the franchise to catch on, especially since its fellow Super Sunday series, Jem and the Holograms, became much more popular.

Eventually, the series was edited together as movies that were released straight-to-video, allowing fans to watch the entire series together instead of separated as a bunch of shorts.

More Serialized And Strong Plotline

The Jem and the Holograms “movie” stitch ended up getting its own series that went on for 65 episodes. Inhumanoids also stood out enough to get its own series, though it would only last for one season.

But, unlike a lot of shows at the time, Inhumanoids was much more serialized, and its episodes had a strong plotline with cliffhangers that required you to watch from the beginning.

Mostly Forgotten


Following its brief moment in the spotlight with its animated series, Inhumanoids became mostly forgotten. Marvel Comics would make a short-lived comic book series that adapted the storyline from the animated series. However, this comic book would end on a cliffhanger after just four issues.

Kevin Smith Reboot?


Eventually, there were some rumors flying around in 2009 that Kevin Smith was going to adapt a reboot comic series of Inhumanoids with George Pratt doing the art. However, Smith would debunk the rumor on Facebook in 2010, while also praising the original series. There hasn’t been any news of adapting the franchise as a comic book, TV series, or any other medium.

Would Make A Great Blockbuster


Inhumanoids would make a great blockbuster that could even outshine the Transformers and GI Joe movies if it had the right director and script. The dark material and the kaiju would make it the perfect fit for someone like Guillermo del Toro to take on since he no longer works on the Pacific Rim franchise.

The problem is that not too many people care about the Inhumanoids, so it seems pretty unlikely that Hollywood would ever greenlight a big-budget film adaptation.