Hubie Halloween: Watch The Trailer For Adam Sandler’s New Netflix Comedy

Hubie Halloween is the new Adam Sandler comedy coming to Netflix.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

hubie halloween adam sandler
Hubie DuBois (Adam Sandler) is a big old nerd for Halloween.

Hubie Halloween is the newest collaboration between comedy star Adam Sandler and the streaming giant, Netflix. The Uncut Gems leading man will head up yet another one of his straight-to-Netflix features and this one will be just in time for Halloween. And it will feature a pretty notable reunion for two cast members.

Here is everything we know about Hubie Halloween.

The Trailer

Here’s the first trailer for Hubie Halloween. In it, Adam Sandler does one of the weirdest voices he has ever done. Watch…

What Is the Plot of Hubie Halloween?

hubie halloween kevin james
Officer Steve Downing (Kevin James) is not exactly having the happiest of Halloweens.

Hubie Halloween will center around Hubie DuBois (Adam Sandler), a good-natured but somewhat eccentric community volunteer who has a passion for both his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts and their annual Halloween extravaganza. Unfortunately, his dorky persona has earned him a lot of mockery and derision from both kids and adults alike.

But, this Halloween is going to be very different. Hubie Halloween will see Hubie get wrapped up in a real murder case on Halloween night. It will be up to Hubie to figure out exactly what is going on and help solve the case before Halloween is ruined for good.

The Cast Of This Halloween Hootenanny

adam sandler julie bowen
Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler will play the two lead roles in Hubie Halloween.

Like many Adam Sandler comedies, Hubie Halloween will collect together an immense ensemble of comedy actors. One of those actors is Julie Bowen, best known for her work on the popular sitcom Modern Family.

What is particularly fascinating and fun about this bit of casting is that it is not the first time Bowen and Sandler have worked together. They last worked together 24 years ago on Happy Gilmore, one of Sandler’s very first feature film endeavors. It will be fun to see them working together again after such a long time apart on screen. Bowen will be playing Violet Valentine, Hubie DuBois’s longtime crush.

Many of these actors once worked with Sandler during his tenure on the hit sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. These include actors like Rob Schneider, Colin Quinn, and Tim Meadows. Other Saturday Night Live members that will show up in Hubie Halloween are Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson.

But those are not the only notable actors that will be making an appearance in this new Netflix comedy. Other prominent thespians that will show up in Hubie Halloween are: Kevin James as local police officer Steve Downing, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi as Hubie’s neighbor, Michael Chiklis, Shaquille O’Neal, Noah Schnapp as Violet’s son Tommy, Mikey Day, and George Wallace. Quite the ensemble!

When Can You Watch Hubie Halloween on Netflix?

Hubie Halloween
Tim Meadows and Maya Rudolph will be gallivanting around Salem in these excellent Halloween costumes.

Obviously, Netflix wants this new comedy film to be a big winner during the entire Halloween season. So, they will be releasing the Adam Sandler comedy in October. The comedy will land in the streaming giant’s library of titles on October 7. That should give people the entire month to check out this newest effort from Sandler and his production company, Happy Madison (named after two of his earliest starring vehicles, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore).

It is unclear at this time exactly what demographic Hubie Halloween will be aiming at. Adam Sandler comedies often try and keep things raunchy and wild but at a level that most families can enjoy together. But that hasn’t stopped Sandler from making some more raucous films during his time with Netflix. It remains to be seen if this newest endeavor will be something that the entire family will be able to watch or if this outing is going to be more for the grown-ups in the room.

Adam Sandler has received a lot of flak for his supposedly low-effort comedy films in the last few decades. Will Hubie Halloween break from that pattern and showcase a return to the glory days of Sandler’s comedic heights? A Halloween-themed comedy certainly sounds like a fun time and it would be great to see Sandler at the top of his game again. We’ll find out if this will be one of his better efforts when the new comedy film lands on Netflix on October 7.