Home Alone Star Pleads Guilty In Horrific Criminal Case

By April Ryder | Updated

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  • Home Alone star Devin Ratray has pleaded guilty in a domestic violence case.
  • The case has been going on for nearly three years.
  • Devin Ratray will not face prison time, but will be on probation.
  • The case followed a violent altercation between Devin Ratray and his girlfriend.

Home Alone actor Devin Ratray, who played the character of Buzz in the movie, has finally found some resolution in a domestic violence case that has been ongoing for close to three years. 

Devin Ratray Pleads Guilty

The plea deal Devin Ratray ultimately accepted keeps him out of prison but places him on supervised probation for the next three years, requires that he complete a Batterers Intervention Program, an Anger Management course (which he has reportedly already completed), and submit to regular drug and alcohol screening. 

Devin Ratray’s Punishment

Devin Ratray will be responsible for paying all of the court costs incurred along the way and is ordered to have no contact with the victim (at least for the next three years).

Throughout the whole case, Ratray likely spent thousands on his defense, making this a very expensive drunken outrage. 

Felony Domestic Assault

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If you’re not familiar with Devin Ratray’s charges, he was arrested for felony domestic assault and battery by strangulation in December of 2021. After Ratray and his then-girlfriend got into an argument over her giving two women at a bar free autograph cards, the couple began a verbal altercation that turned physical. 

At one point in the altercation, Devin Ratray strangled the woman while covering her mouth with his hand. She bit his hand in defense, and Ratray punched her in the face before she was able to get away and run into a nearby stairwell. 

Eventually Pleading Guilty

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At first, Devin Ratray and his representation claimed that the argument never turned physical, and Ratray entered a ‘not guilty’ plea on the charges.

When his jury trial was canceled because he was in the hospital due to issues caused by a heart condition, Devin changed his tune and entered a guilty plea a month later. 

Devin Ratray reportedly attended his sentencing hearing via a video connection due to his cardiologist’s recommendation that he not travel. Now that the case is all squared away, it’s evident that Ratray crossed a line in the situation. 


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If you remember, Devin Ratray’s connection to Home Alone is that he played Kevin’s (McCauley Kulkin) big brother Buzz. Buzz was a bully and threatened to “bash” Kevin regularly. It seems maybe Ratray has a little bit in common with his most famed role. 

Devin Ratray had a role in all of the Home Alone movies, believe it, or not. His role in Home Alone was preceded by a spot in the cult classic Little Monsters (Ronnie Coleman), and after Buzz got a lot of screen time, Ratray was in at least 30 other films and several episode appearances on various television shows. 

On The Way To Recovery?

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Overall, his career has been a moderate success, but success often brings out the worst in someone’s character. The pressures of living life in the spotlight aren’t easily carried. Regardless, Devin Ratray is now on the other side of his dark moment, and there’s hope that it won’t happen again in the future. 

Here’s hoping he finds something to hang onto in his recovery journey and comes out of this a better man. 

Source: TMZ