Hocus Pocus 3 Still Happening Or Is It Canceled?

By April Ryder | Updated

Hocus Pocus

After a smashing revival of the original Hocus Pocus movie with the release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+, fans of the films have been left wondering if and when there will be a third installment in the series. According to SlashFilm, the President of Walt Disney Studios, Sean Bailey, has promised hope for a third movie, simply stating, “Yes, Hocus Pocus 3 is happening”. 

With the success of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+, fans have already been anticipating a third film, and thankfully, it’s happening.

Though it’s not unusual for a movie to be confirmed and never released, the hype surrounding a possible Hocus Pocus 3 film is certainly undeniable. The end of the Hollywood writer’s strike also brings hope to the situation. 

When Disney released Hocus Pocus 2 to streaming, it was reportedly the most-viewed movie premiere in U.S. history (according to Disney), with more than 2.7 million viewing minutes. Although it took Disney nearly 30 years to release the second movie, fans likely won’t have to wait so long for the third movie to come to fruition. 

The Sanderson Sisters are definitely getting a little older, and waiting 30 years to do the next movie might not fare well for Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy. Sarah Jessica Parker stated that if the studio were to wait another 30 years to do the next movie, there “would be walkers and canes involved.” 

hocus pocus 2
Hocus Pocus 2

However, it seems that all three of the Sanderson Sisters are openly claiming that they’re on board for another sequel. This is great news for Disney, as Hocus Pocus isn’t complete without Winifred, Sarah, and Mary. 

Omri Katz and Vinessa Shaw (who played Max and Allison in the original movie) have also been vocal about their willingness to make an appearance in Hocus Pocus 3. Fans were a bit sore when they saw that the two characters were nowhere to be found in part two. Apparently, it was too difficult to fit the pair into the storyline of the second movie. 

Director of Hocus Pocus 2, Anne Fletcher, has been open about how she purposefully left the second movie wide open for a third sequel.

The magic shop owner in Hocus Pocus 2, Sam Richardson, is also on board for the third movie. Richardson played shop owner Gilbert in the sequel and has since stated that he would “play on that set any day of the week.” 

Director of Hocus Pocus 2, Anne Fletcher, has been open about how she purposefully left the second movie wide open for a third sequel. In the closing credits of the movie, it is revealed that there is a second Black Flame Candle still boxed up in Gilbert’s shop, hinting that the Sanderson Sisters may have hopes of being summoned once again. 

hocus pocus
Hocus Pocus 2

It could be speculated that the trio will appear in the third movie, but they may be appearing for a passing of the baton to the new trio of witches present in Salem. At the end of the second film, Winfried’s beloved “Book” finds new ownership with Becca (Whitney Peak) as she begins to discover her witchy powers. 

To add to the possibility of this new storyline being the basis of Hocus Pocus 3, we see Hannah Waddingham’s character, The Witch Mother, flying in her bird form over the top of the three teenagers as they make their way home at the end of the movie. 

Hocus Pocus 3 will likely focus on Hannah Waddingham as The Witch Mother, but the Sanderson Sisters will of course, still be involved.

Whatever the new storyline turns out to be, you can be sure that you won’t have to wait three more decades to find out. Though there is no set release date for Hocus Pocus 3, there is plenty of educated speculation on when it might come to pass. 

Given that part two in the series was released just over a year after filming began, it may be realistic to expect the third movie to hit Disney+ streaming by Halloween of 2025. Keep an eye out for updates and more info on the specifics of a possible Hocus Pocus 3 release, and in the meantime, you can view the first and second movies streaming on Disney+ with a subscription.