Halo TV Show Photos Deliver A Warthog In Real Life

The Halo TV series is set to come out early next year. And we just got a glimpse of the vehicle, the Warthog, used in the production.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

halo tv warthog

The Halo TV show could begin to reset the franchise from what we’ve seen on the big and small screen over the years. The making of video games into live-action productions has a tricky and largely disappointing history, to say the least. This game is no different with a number of on-screen iterations falling more than a little flat. But there’s a new show coming out which could change all of that. And judging by some of the on-set pictures we’ve seen, they are really ramping up production on what could be a cool series. We just got our first glimpse of the Warthog in real life and it looks pretty bad-ass. 

The Warthog we are going to see on the Halo TV show is modeled after the one that appeared in the video game. It’s an all-terrain vehicle with mounted weapons. Its distinctive style has made it a mainstay in the game over its many iterations and was critical to have in the new show. From these early pictures, it’s looking like it delivers as a fast and relatively lightweight four-wheel-drive ATV that can inflict some damage. 

The Halo TV series is obviously based on the incredibly popular video game that first came on the scene for Xbox nearly two decades ago. The story, from a video game perspective, is fairly simple. Humans are locked in a war with an alien race, The Covenant. It’s been a long time coming and comes in the aftermath of a devastating parasitic organism, the Flood, running roughshod over human life millennia before. Halo refers to the technology, a ring array, that helps the humans in the fight. It had been developed to fight the Flood, but its power is used in the current war. The game has been one of the most popular games ever with cumulative unit sales increasing steadily over time. 

Pablo Schreiber is set to star in The Halo TV series as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. Sure, it’s a mouthful, but the character has been the key to the video games since the beginning. Schreiber is fresh off an extended run on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black and was on Starz’s American Gods as well. He’ll be driving the aforementioned Warthog among other things.  

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And Schrieber’s Master Chief will team up with his artificial intelligence aid Cortana. This is another carryover from the video game and Jen Taylor is set to reprise her voice role as the character. The twist for the Halo TV series is that this character might actually turn out to be the villain. That last part is a rumor at this point, derived from an audio clip from the show. But it would be an interesting twist for sure. 

The series has quite a bit of ground to cover and it looks like, from a story arc perspective, they are going to diverge from the game and some of the live-action versions that have been put out already. That’s probably good news considering the latter have most been straight-to-video (when it wasn’t cool). 

The Halo TV series will debut on Paramount+ and is currently filming. The tentative plan is to release it early next year. Let’s hope we get heavy doses of the Warthog and an improved story about the popular game. It definitely deserves a strong live-action show.