Girl Scout Cookies Are Now Delivered By Drones

Girl Scout cookies are moving into the future. This year marked the first time the boxes were delivered not by the troops, but by drones.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

girl scout cookies

Technology and automated systems are starting to take over our entire world. The robot armageddon might not be on us quite yet, but one has to believe it’s at least getting close. Because now one of our time-honored traditions and institutions is getting a tech upgrade that really speaks to the times we live in. That’s because Girl Scout cookies are no longer going to come to your doorstep delivered by a young lady in the brown sash and cap. Now Digital Trends is reporting that drones will be delivering you Thin Mints, Dos-si-dos, and Samoas, landing them at your house thanks to upgraded technology. 

When Girl Scout cookies get into the drone game you know that we are probably starting to reach the end of the timeline on our current civilization. That’s okay, it was bound to happen at some point and it looks like today might just be the day. It looks like Google is taking over the delivery of the cookies in certain areas with their drone division, Wing, starting up the practice during the pandemic. 

According to the report, Girl Scout cookies were seeing steadily declining sales during the pandemic. This makes sense on a logistical level considering the traditional method of sales and delivery involved the ladies sitting outside of grocery stores or having their parents hit co-workers up at the office. But those days are nearly long gone right now with social distancing measures and other regulations that come along during this time. It meant that the group had to reenvision how they’d get those overpriced and overrated boxes of goodness into society’s hands. 

girl scout cookies

The new drone delivery system started with a single troop that used the Wing app to facilitate the deliveries of the Girl Scout cookies. The packages and supplies were still put together by the troop, but the Wing app took over from there, using its tech to make sure the boxes got to the right doorsteps. By all accounts, the venture was a success and thousands of cookies had been delivered using this new method. 

Now do Girl Scout cookies being delivered by drones spell the onset of a dystopian future in which machines take over even the most quaint and time-honored traditions in our society? Probably not. But it certainly seems like a step in that direction. And it’s worth noting that though there is a certain small-town Americana sense around the Girl Scouts and these little boxes, know that this thing is a major business. 

That’s because Girl Scout cookies are a massive item. It’s been reported that over 200 million boxes can be sold in a single year. It doesn’t take a math expert to know that we are starting to think in the billions of dollars when it comes to these things, meaning a partnership with Google and getting drone capability around delivery systems was likely only a matter of time. This isn’t some mom-and-pop operation folks. This is unicorn-level money folks and big tech was always going to get involved. So now it won’t be girls in sashes delivering you those boxes, it will be drones in sashes getting the job done. Tech badges incoming.