One Of Gina Carano’s Mandalorian Co-Stars Is Defending Her

Gina Carano has another Mandalorian co-star in her corner.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

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Gina Carano is out as Cara Dune in Star Wars and has sufficiently burned her bridge with Disney. That has not stopped the deluge of opinions regarding her situation. Her removal from The Mandalorian and subsequent other entries in the Star Wars universe has maintained a constant presence in the news cycle. That is probably because a lot of her co-stars and fellow Star Wars actors continue to get asked questions about it. One such instance occurred on The Bill Bert Podcast when one of Gina Carano’s co-stars on The Mandalorian decided to speak up on her behalf.

Bill Burr, who plays the character of Migs Mayfeld on The Mandalorian, spoke about his feelings regarding Gina Carano and how it has made him think about his own future with the Star Wars universe. “It’s a weird time. I don’t know. Unless she did some truly horrible sh*t. I don’t know. I don’t know what the f*ck it is. I’m on that f*cking show. Now, I gotta watch what the f*ck I say,” Burr said. It certainly sounds like Burr is not completely aware of the cumulative nature of the controversies surrounding his co-star. He later goes on to say that Gina Carano made an “ignorant comparison” in regards to her social media post equating the murders of the Holocaust with being persecuted for conservative beliefs.

Bill Burr goes on to echo a refrain that many of Gina Carano’s co-stars also have said about her. “She was an absolute sweetheart. Super nice f*cking person,” Burr stressed of his former acting partner. Unfortunately, it seems that her private persona was not reflected in the public one she crafted through her social media presence. Gina Carano often took hardline stances on subjects and was committed to antagonizing those that challenged her in any way. She even stated, “I bring the fire out in people,” in an interview.

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Bill Burr will likely not have as hard a time navigating his public persona as Gina Carano. Burr’s history as a comedian gives him a convenient shield for a lot of potentially controversial statements he might have made as a part of his act. Plus, Burr does not seem as devoted to unfounded criticism about mask-wearing, mocking transgender issues regarding pronouns, or spreading misinformation about election fraud as Gina Carano did on her social media. As long as he doesn’t also make comparisons between the systemic genocide of an entire people and divisive political discussion, he should be pretty okay as far as Disney’s apparent standards are concerned.

But, who knows? Bill Burr could certainly end up doing something that draws the ire of fans and the pop culture mindset. His nature as a provocative comedian certainly means he has the potential to say something that could be construed as beyond the pale. Will it be as damning as what Gina Carano got up to on social media? Or will Burr figure out a better way to navigate the modern world of opinion-sharing? Only time will tell.

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