First Look at Leslie Grace’s Batgirl In Gotham City

Check out this first look at Batgirl in Gotham.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Three months ago, DC finally made progress on their Batgirl movie when they announced that Leslie Grace would be playing Barbara Gordon. Leslie Grace is a singer and actress who made headlines in the summer of 2021 for her role in the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, In The Heights. The movie has yet to begin production, but DC wanted fans to have a first look at what they can expect from this new iteration of the character. As part of their DC FanDome event, Leslie Grace revealed that her new character will have the red hair often associated with Batgirl and that she’ll be wearing the cowl. To really give fans a tease for the new DC movie, they also revealed a first look at concept art for the movie.

You can see Batgirl looming over a dark Gotham City in the concept art below.

The cowl is something that most iterations of the character have had, but some have skipped in favor of an eye mask. Famously, Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl in Batman & Robin, where she starred alongside George Clooney’s Bruce Wayne, had blonde hair and an eye mask instead of the full traditional cowl.

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Batman & Robin gets slammed for many things, and Alicia Silverstone’s costume is among them. While she looks like a superhero to match Robin and Batman, she doesn’t look much like the Barbara Gordon fans know from the comics. Knowing that Leslie Grace’s new Batgirl movie is going to stick to the look fans of the DC Comics are more familiar with has come as a relief to many. One such fan who was excited to hear the news was comics author Gail Simone. The writer has participated in many projects over the years and is probably the most famous Batgirl writer. She immediately hopped on Twitter to share her enthusiasm for the new concept art and confirmation of how Leslie Grace’s costume is going to look in the new movie.

Christina Hodson is the screenwriter for Batgirl. She shared that her new script tells the story of Barbara Gordin in her early days. “But it’s this whole new side of her personality,” said Hodson. “A slightly kind of more daring, slightly less law-abiding side of her personality that we get to have fun and play with.”

The directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, shared that they want gritty and realistic fight scenes for the new movie. Currently, Leslie Grace’s job is to train up so she is ready to perform in the fight scenes they have planned for Batgirl. Both Leslie Grace and the directors described the upcoming take on Barbara Gordon as more daring, a character eager to prove herself and get into the fight in Gotham. The directors have also worked on Bad Boys For Life and the upcoming Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel. They’re expecting that production will begin sometime soon, though they haven’t publicly announced a date for the project.

Fans are still waiting for an official release date for Batgirl. However, DC has promised that the movie will be released on HBO Max for streaming sometime in 2022. Since the movie has yet to start production, audiences can expect the movie to release in the second half of the year.