Fan Favorite Sci-Fi Series Finally Releasing Last Season

By Christopher Isaac | Published

Fans of Snowpiercer have had a rough time getting to enjoy their show. That is because despite the fourth and final season of it being completed in 2022, no network or streaming service has been willing to air it. But as fans were beginning to lose hope, news recently came out that AMC has acquired the rights to Snowpiercer Season 4 and will be making it available this summer.

Saved By AMC

This is a pretty huge development, as it marks a rare instance of a piece of media being rescued after Warner Bros. Discovery began scrapping finished products for tax write-off purposes.

So far, they have infamously done this to finished or near-finished films like Batgirl, Coyote vs. Acme, and Scoob Holiday Haunt. Snowpiercer Season 4 was penciled in to share that same fate of never being released, which would have marked a tragically inconclusive end to the series. Fortunately, thanks to AMC, fans will now be able to get closure.

Series Background

Based on both the 2013 movie of the same name as well as the 1982 graphic novel, the Snowpiercer TV series is undeniably the most in-depth version of the story, totaling 40 episodes after Season 4 airs. While it has not been a ratings or critical powerhouse, it does still have a devoted following who have felt that the show has been getting better each season.

Snowpiercer Synopsis

The show follows life in a world that has become near uninhabitable due to freezing temperatures that have engulfed the planet and left most of the outside looking like Antarctica.

A subset of humanity is surviving by living on a train that never stops, with classes and hierarchies developing among the different train cars. Those stuck on the back end of the train live in squalor, but strive to take over the train and learn the dark secrets about its operation. Snowpiercer Season 4 will finally bring this arc to an end and shed light on the remaining mysteries.

Scrapped Media

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Beyond just the fans of the show, Snowpiercer Season 4 getting aired brings hope to those who worry about scrapped media becoming the norm in the future. There was very vocal criticism of Warner Bros. not releasing finished movies like Batgirl, but in those instances, no amount of pushback was able to change the studio’s mind on the matter.

Many critics have espoused concern that this could become common going forward, with other studios scrapping finished movies and shows for the tax benefits. Actors and writers have been quite outspoken against this happening.

Enthusiasm for Snowpiercer

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For AMC’s part, they have expressed great enthusiasm to be able to share the conclusion of Snowpiercer with Season 4. “We can’t wait to share the final season of this thrill ride of a series with this vibrant fan community and new viewers starting July 21 on AMC and AMC+, with plenty of time built in to catch up on previous seasons on a variety of on demand platforms and AMC+ before then,” said Courtney Thomasma, the Executive Vice President of Streaming for AMC Network.

“Snowpiercer is an entertaining drama with a great cast and seeing how the ride ends will be a highlight of summer viewing worthy of a 1001-car train.”

Rescuing TV Shows

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AMC’s involvement in saving Snowpiercer Season 4 highlights the importance that having a diverse array of studios and networks can have for those in the production business. AMC will be building up to the finale by re-airing the previous seasons of Snowpiercer starting on June 1, 2024. Season 4 will debut on July 21.

Source: Deadline