Exclusive: Sam Raimi Returning For Doctor Strange 3 And More Marvel Projects

The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive has Sam Raimi returning for Doctor Strange 3 and more within the Marvel Universe

By Doug Norrie | Published

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There’s no doubt that in this current phase of Marvel movies, things have started to trend a little darker, maybe even scarier around some of the stories. It’s not for everything mind you, there’s still a certain lightness to what we are seeing. But over the course of this latest phase, the studio has clearly shifted some of its stories to a more spine-chilling feel. And the next Marvel film might go a little further along those lines with even more to come. That’s because the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it that Sam Raimi is already signed on to return for Doctor Strange 3 and will be working with the studio to develop additional series and movies as well. It looks like this relationship is here to stay. 

What kinds of projects could be coming from Sam Raimi after Doctor Strange 3 aren’t 100% known at this point. But there’s a clear feeling that what’s set to come in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness totally works within the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though Marvel folks like Kevin Feige have stopped short of calling it a “horror” film, the Marvel head has admitted that this flick will be one of the scarier ones to come out of the studio yet. Is that even a little bit of a surprise considering Raimi is at the helm? It shouldn’t be. He’s made his bones with scarier fare since the beginning of his rather iconic career, so there’s no reason to tamp it down now. 

And Marvel leaning into Sam Raimi’s particular style and proclivities when it comes to things getting a little scarier for sure fits along with what Marvel’s done in this phase of films and series. WandaVision began to set that tone on Disney+ when it took a creepier vibe towards the ideas around the history of television. By the end it was a story about a witch and power, lending a darker vibe all around. Plus, consider what’s coming up with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight which looks almost more psychological thriller than a Marvel series. It’s clear the studio wants to diversify its offerings along these lines. Heck, we’ve even gotten word about Man-Thing and Mephisto Halloween specials. 

Sam Raimi is one of the most accomplished directors out there so it makes perfect sense for Marvel to want him locked up for the foreseeable future with a number of different projects. If Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness delivers the way it sure seems like it will, then a third movie in that franchise will already have audiences champing at the bit. And of course, Raimi already has one massive comic book franchise under his belt, having helmed the Tobey Maguire-led Spider-Man movies starting back in 2002. Those films are often part of the group referenced when we talk about the full-on proliferation of comic book movies in our lives today. Raimi helped lay the groundwork for what Marvel eventually wanted to do on a much bigger scope. 

We are sure to start getting more word about what Marvel and Sam Raimi have in store for the future of the franchise. Whatever it is, it is sure to keep audiences on edge.