Exclusive: Robert Pattinson In Talks To Play Nosferatu In Remake Of Classic Silent Film

Our inside source has shared plans for the upcoming Nosferatu remake, and they include talking to Robert Pattinson about playing a vampire.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson would never play a vampire again. Or would he? He famously dissed on the Twilight films throughout the process. Now, he’s been in enough movies to finally put that experience behind him. Among those roles was a part as Thomas Howard in The Lighthouse, a 2019 Robert Eggers movie. In recent years, Eggers has notably been trying to get a Nosferatu remake off the ground. He’s also notably enjoyed working with actors more than once. Anya Taylor-Joy, who starred in Egger’s movie The Witch, has been attached to Nosferatu for the last several years. Now, he may have found the missing piece to making the movie a reality. Our trusted and proven source has learned that Robert Pattinson is in talks to play Nosferatu, also known as Dracula, for a remake of the 1922 Nosferatu film.

This will be a major decision for Robert Pattinson. We’ve learned that Nosferatu is scheduled to begin shooting in the fall. That means they need the actor to make a decision one way or the other soon. These talks are bound to include scheduling considerations and money, but the decision likely means a lot more than that to Pattinson. For director Robert Eggers, this is a passion project. He’s wanted to get this remake done for a long time and has said that he’s given blood to it. He’s being careful to choose actors he knows and trusts. But for Pattinson? Playing a vampire again after the publicity surrounding Twilight? Right when he’s about to break out in The Batman? This may be a much heavier decision.

There are many articles online titled something like, “Seven Times Robert Pattinson Proved He Was a Good Actor.” After becoming particularly famous as Edward Cullen in Twilight, a role and movie that have frequently been the butt of jokes, being taken seriously hasn’t been easy for Pattinson. He’s done a long string of serious films attempting to prove his work. The last time he released a movie as Edward Cullen was in 2012, nearly a decade ago. He’s about to star as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, a movie bound to draw a lot of attention to his name again. It would be easy to read Pattinson’s career choices since the Twilight series as opportunities to prove himself in the industry.

Could playing another vampire character be the next big step in proving himself? This has to be weighing on his mind as he is in talks to take on this role. It’s going to be compared to Twilight. Will that turn out great for him in the end? Or bring back his past experiences as a vampire?

One of the main complaints about the Twilight series from both audiences and Robert Pattinson himself is that the vampires aren’t frightening. When Pattinson first took on the role of Edward Cullen, he was frowning too much. His agents gave him a copy of the book where they highlighted every instance of the character smiling. He gave it back to them after taking a different color highlighter and pointing out every time the character frowned. His agents came back to him and said if he didn’t smile more, he’d be fired. He came to the set the next day smiling, but he’s never been happy about the films.

The new movie will be a remake from the 1922 silent film, which is definitely a serious movie with a more classic take on vampire lore. Nosferatu is a dark and brooding character. He’s also known as Count Orlok. He’s classicly creepy. He’s obsessed with the main character and resorts to great acts of violence to try and sway her to submit to him. There are comparisons to be made between the way Nosferatu stalks a woman and the way Edward Cullen pursues Bella in Twilight, but Nosferatu has a more straightforward approach to violence. That is a bold move to take for Robert Pattinson if he’s trying to distance himself from Edward Cullen and Twilight. If he does it well, then he’s proven he knows how to play a more traditional vampire. If he does it poorly? What will that prove?