Exclusive: Ludi Lin In Talks To Become New Hulk At Marvel

The Mortal Kombat star is coming to Marvel!

By Michileen Martin | Updated

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The Marvel Cinematic already had the Hulk, just recently added a She-Hulk, and now we’re getting a Totally Awesome Hulk. That’s right–our trusted and proven source has informed us that Ludi Lin has been tapped to play super-genius Amadeus Cho who, among other titles, was known for a time as the Totally Awesome Hulk. Our source tells us Lin is in talks to premiere as the character in a Marvel film, though which film has yet to be confirmed.

Considering this news and some of the other reports that have been swirling about an upcoming World War Hulk film, it seems likely that would be the perfect entry for Ludi Lin’s Hulk. We may have already gotten a big hint about exactly how his character will be transformed. In the premiere episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) makes a point of using lasers to destroy his cousin’s blood sample because of the danger of infecting others with Hulk blood. It could be that–rather than the quest for vengeance that defined the source material–the potential World War Hulk film will instead be about Banner’s, Walters’s (Tatiana Maslany), or perhaps even Emil Blonsky’s (Tim Roth) blood getting out and creating new Hulks, including Amadeus Cho.

ludi linn hulk
Totally Awesome Hulk #1, Marvel Comics 2016

Assuming negotiations work out between Ludi Lin and Marvel, he’ll be playing a Hulk character who premiered in 2005’s Amazing Fantasy #15. For a decade, rather than being a Hulk himself, Cho is essentially the world’s biggest Hulk fan. After an encounter with the Green Goliath in Amazing Fantasy, Cho becomes more sympathetic toward the Hulk’s plight than just about anyone. While he can’t benchpress oil trucks at first, he’s still one of the smartest people on Earth. Cho is able to process insanely complex calculations at unbelievable speeds, allowing him to perform presumably impossible tasks, like when he uses his scooter’s rearview mirror to change the trajectory of a laser-guided missile.

The character Ludi Lin has been chosen to play becomes a Hulk after a fusion reactor accident on the fictional Kiber Island. The original Hulk attempts to absorb the radiation from the reactor into his body, but it proves too much for him. Cho uses nanites to siphon the radiation out of Banner and into his own body. Banner is believed cured afterward, and then is subsequently murdered by Hawkeye in Civil War II #3. Before Banner’s inevitable resurrection, Cho continued to operate as the Totally Awesome Hulk, including as a member of the newly formed Champions. He later lost most of his physical might, but remained green-skinned and took on the name Brawn.

Before Ludi Lin was in talks to play Hulk, fans got to know him as the Black Ranger in 2017’s Power Ranger movie, Liu Kang in 2021’s Mortal Kombat, and the vengeful Kerwin Tan in The CW’s revival of Kung Fu. Last we heard, Lin was set to reprise the role of Liu Kang in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 2, but with the recent upheaval at Warner Bros Discovery, nothing seems very certain.

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