Exclusive: James Spader Returning As Ultron In Armor Wars

James Spader is returning as Ultron for the Armor Wars movie.

By James Brizuela | Updated

James Spader Ultron armor wars

Initially, Armor Wars was supposed to be a new series on Disney+, which was going to be led by Don Cheadle as War Machine. However, the powers that be decided to repurpose the limited series into a movie. That isn’t the only bombshell that has been announced for the movie, as we can report through our trusted and proven sources, that James Spader will also be returning as Ultron in Armor Wars.

Naturally, you can’t have armor wars without a bunch of presumed Stark Tech being used by many people. We know that Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes pilots his own Iron Man type of suit known as War Machine, but where does that leave the other suits? Riri Williams has been introduced as Ironheart, but it still leaves the villain, and what better person than to bring back James Spader’s Ultron for Armor Wars?

People might be wondering how James Spader could return as Ultron for Armor Wars, but it could just be a simple flick of the wrist for the writers over at Marvel. Ultron was essentially born from JARVIS, and could theoretically still be alive, at least the A.I. that was used to create him could still be there. With Tony Stark now dead, it could be that whatever lock was placed on Ultron ever reanimated himself again could be broken, unleashing the zany robot villain once again.

James Spader Ultron armor wars

James Spader is a wonderful actor, and he did his best with Ultron, but we are all hoping that Armor Wars brings a much different villain in. Ultron is a villain that also possesses high intelligence, and honestly, one that should have been used deeper into the MCU movie plans. We are curious about how he is going to be coming back, but with the multiverse going rampant, anything is possible.

James Spader might be returning as Ultron in Armor Wars, but a much different version of the character. Going back to the idea of the multiverse, we could be seeing someone from a different timeline that is not inherently evil. It would be great if Ultron was also just a man, played by Spader, who mimics a sort of Bruce Banner type of person.

We are just speculating at this point, but there are a ton of ways in which James Spader’s Ultron can be used in the upcoming Armor Wars movie. He could just be a construct that is in the head of whoever ends up making their own evil Iron Man suit. Either way, he was supposed to be one of the biggest villains in Marvel and was slightly underused.

We do know that Kang the Conqueror is going to be Marvel’s next big baddie, but could it be that James Spader’s Ultron is going to be reappearing in Armor Wars so that he can join Kang’s bid to destroy the multiverse? We also know that the Fantastic Four are going to be a big part of the next wave of plans, and Ultron and Kang could also just be pawns in a bigger plan for Doctor Doom in Avengers: Secret Wars. Either way, we are excited to see Spader return as Ultron.