Exclusive: Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam To Fight Mortal Kombat Characters

Dwayne Johnson could see Black Adam fight the Mortal Kombat characters.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Dwayne Johnson is about to become one of the major cornerstones of the DC universe when Black Adam finally finishes its long journey to the big screen in 2022. Everyone has assumed that The Rock would act as an enormous catalyst to whatever future plans are in store for the DC stable of characters in film. Exactly what this would entail is certainly up for speculation, but one thing that has not been posited is that Dwayne Johnson could end up being a magnet for other franchises under the Warner Bros. banner. We reached out to our trusted and proven insider source for any info on this project and we got a truly mind-blowing report back.

Our source is saying that Warner Bros. is in the earliest stages of discussing a possible crossover between Mortal Kombat and the DC universe, and they are considering Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam character to be a key component in that potential project. This is certainly one of the wilder reports we have heard but there is actually some significant precedent for it to be true. There was actually an official game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, back in 2009 that kicked off a strong relationship between the franchises. The DC fighting game series Injustice: Gods Among Us is developed by NetherRealm Studios, the very same developers and creators that are behind Mortal Kombat. So there is undeniably a strong history that could lead to a film crossover.

The big revelation here would be the involvement of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. We don’t exactly know what plans are in motion as far as the future of Black Adam in the Dc film universe. We have to imagine that Warner Bros. wants to keep Dwayne Johnson on board in a leading man capacity, especially if Black Adam ends up being the success they are hoping it will be. Obviously, that would probably lead to a direct sequel. But, we know that Warner Bros. wants to expand its DC properties into the multiverse and that could even include other properties crossing over. And after what we are seeing with the upcoming sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy, it seems clear that Warner Bros. is going all-in with showcasing their many brands and properties, and they aren’t ashamed of having them all blend together in certain projects. We even saw that in Ready Player One, so there is even more precedent here.

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We know Warner Bros. wants to expand Mortal Kombat in some broad ways, and having Dwayne Johnson be a frontline player in that expansion while also acting as a figurehead for the DC universe would undoubtedly dominate headlines. It would also give the DC universe a unique facet over the Marvel Cinematic Universe since there does not seem to be any plans for Disney to do something equally radical with their properties.

Dwayne Johnson is definitely going to be a key player in the Dc universe moving forward, but if he was equally as important to Mortal Kombat? There is no doubt that could be a game-changing move that would change the future of intellectual property blockbusters forever.