Evangeline Lilly To Join A New Superhero Team?

Evangeline Lilly expresses interest in a Marvel A-Force project, which would be an all-women superhero team.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

evangeline lilly

Ever since that epic scene in Avengers: Endgame where the women of the MCU all joined together to fight Thanos, fans have been dreaming of a movie or series starring Marvel’s A-Force, an all-female team of superheroines led by She-Hulk. And if it were up to Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Evangeline Lilly, this dream would become a reality. In a recent interview with CinePOP, she said “I would like to be on it. I would like to make it happen. That day that we did the scene in [Avengers:] Endgame where it was just us women was the most special day I’ve ever had.”

In the scene in question, Evangeline Lilly’s character, the Wasp, teams up with Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora and Mantis, Black Panther’s Okoye and Shuri, and even Pepper Potts, Tony Stark’s wife, wearing an Iron Man suit. This had fans wondering if this had anything to do with the 2018 rumors that Marvel had a TV series about an all-female superhero team in their plans. 

Five years later, that series has yet to materialize, but fans – and Evangeline Lilly, it seems – are still hopeful that something similar will be created to showcase the strong, powerful women of Marvel. 

That scene in Endgame and the existence of a She-Hulk series means that a big chunk of the groundwork for such a series or film has already been laid. Whether Marvel chooses to pursue it is still to be seen, but if they do, it sounds like Evangeline Lilly is already ready to sign on.

For the moment, though, she is starring in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the movie that will kick off Phase Five of the Marvel Universe. This movie will be pivotal to the MCU, as it will introduce the next big baddie the Avengers will have to face in upcoming films. 

Evangeline Lilly is no stranger to playing important roles, however. She was one of the main characters in Lost, the 2004 series that continues to live on in viewers’ minds even 13 years after its series finale. This was her breakout role, though she had been acting for years. 

According to her biography on IMDb, Evangeline Lilly’s career began in Kelowna, British Colombia, when she was discovered on the street by the Ford modeling agency. She was more of an actor than a model, but she took the job anyway to help pay for college.

Evangeline Lilly then went on to star in small, often uncredited roles in famous shows and films like The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Smallville before breaking out in Lost. This newfound fame earned her roles in Real Steel with Hugh Jackman and the Lord of the Rings franchise before she took on the role of the Wasp a.k.a. Hope van Dyne in Marvel’s Avengers franchise.

Her love for this character and for the empowerment of women is what makes her so enthusiastic about a possible A-Force project, so fans will have to hope that her enthusiasm can help lead this project to fruition.