See Ethan Hawke’s New Terrifying Film Turned Into A Horror Maze

Ethan Hawke is going to be taking on the role of a terrifying horror master in his new film, which is going to be the basis for a new maze this Halloween.

By James Brizuela | Published

ethan hawke black phone

Ethan Hawke is the newest actor to be solidified as horror royalty. The man is the star of the newest Blumhouse Pictures film, The Black Phone. The film will be debuting in theaters on Friday. Hawke is meant to play the terrorizing figure in the film called, The Grabber. From the trailers alone, and knowing Blumhouse, fans are in for a fear-filled thrill ride. Speaking of thrills, it has also been announced that Blumhouse will be taking part in this year’s Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights by adding a maze dedicated to The Black Phone. You can see the trailer for the new maze below:

Universal Studios has been releasing trailers featuring reveals of their newest mazes, by adding in some hilarious horror tropes of people that are often killed in horror films. This one has “The Cringe Couple” as they engage in plenty of PDA before running into The Grabber. Well, the boyfriend sees a woman standing there with a hook, which results in the couple running to escape in an elevator, where The Grabber is waiting for them with black balloons and his scary face mask. Why anyone would think waiting for an elevator would be the smart move her is beyond us.

What is great about the announcement is that it is a double maze that sees The Horrors of Blumhouse come alive. Fans will be scared out of their wits by both The Black Phone and Freaky from 2020. The maze description states that patrons will enter The Grabber’s “fun” house, where they hear voices from ghosts about how to outwit The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) and escape his twisted magic. Hawke is not going to be in the maze, but he plays the character in the film. The Freaky maze will see the guests try and escape the clutches of The Butcher, who has switched bodies with a seemingly harmless cheerleader. Both these mazes sound as if they are going to be some of the best at the theme park.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is an annual event that takes place between the months of September and October, bringing to life some of the most horrifying films that Universal has produced, only turning them into mazes for only the bravest of guests to enter. Though there has not been a full list confirmed. The Horrors of Blumhouse mazes with The Black Phone and Freaky have been confirmed. Joining them is the Halloween maze, which brings patrons right into the replicated home of Michael Myers. We wonder if Ethan Hawke is going to get an early preview considering he is the villain basis for The Black Phone. Hopefully, he does, and he comments on whether the maze is scary or not. We are excited to see what happens.

The Black Phone releases domestically this Friday, and fans can see Ethan Hawke take on a brand-new role. Though he just portrayed the villainous Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight, now fans can see the man take on a whole new horror persona. The film must be fantastic if Universal Studios is already dedicating a brand-new maze to the film when it hasn’t even been out yet. We can’t wait to see the movie and check out this terrifying maze.