Emma Stone Stars In The Weirdest Must-See Show Of The Year

By TeeJay Small | Published

Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder are prepared to take over your screen in the final months of 2023, with their new hit Showtime series The Curse.

The Curse Will Premiere On Paramount+

According to a Kristen Baldwin-penned review for Entertainment Weekly, the dramatic comedy with horror elements is set to be one of the weirdest and most unforgettable shows of this calendar year.

The Curse is set to premiere on Paramount+ on November 10 with the showtime package, with regular episodes dropping weekly starting on November 12.

Emma Stone And Nathan Fielder Star

While little is known about the series at this time, Emma Stone is set to star alongside Nathan For You and The Rehearsal star Nathan Fielder, portraying a married couple who host a fictional HGTV series.

Fielder is known for his boundary-breaking and genre-bending twists on the format of television, blurring the lines between the genuine nature of humanity and the staged nature of television.

So portraying a character who is himself performing for a fictitious reality show seems right up his alley. For Stone on the other hand, The Curse signals a change in pace compared to her recent outings such as Disney’s Cruella and The Croods: A New Age.

The Curse Is A Play On HGTV

In the premiere of The Curse, Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone’s characters travel to a run-down town in the boondocks of New Mexico, with the intent to fix up and gentrify the neighborhood.

Despite the town seemingly holding a great deal of contempt for their project, as well as their struggling marriage, the pair seem to believe the neighborhood can be patched up with a fresh coat of paint and a few retro speakeasy bars.

The residents of the city aren’t amused by the alleged altruism of the trust fund couple and their team of producers, leaving one child to lay a curse on the production, which Fielder’s character takes as the word of god.

The Curse Cast Beyond Emma Stone

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In addition to leading performances from Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone, series co-creator and Uncut Gems filmmaker Benny Safdie appears in The Curse as a producer of the HGTV series.

Safdie’s perpetual clout chaser, Dougie, seems to prod both his stars and the residents of the New Mexico neighborhood in order to court additional controversy for the camera, revealing that the producer may have his own angle on the seemingly cursed production.

Nathan Fielder is credited as a director for 7 of the series’ 10 episodes, bringing his trademark blend of reality-blurring discomfort to the series, with a highly gripping penchant for surreal shot-composition.

Emma Stone Is A Reality Host

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Despite Fielder and Safdie’s artistic star power in the series, Emma Stone seems to be the true star of The Curse, as her performance brings an incredible level of depth and complexity to the fundamentally selfish and starved-for-approval Whitney Seigel.

Stone’s portrayal of the pathologically unlikeable reality show host propels the series’ narrative as the unfettered contempt for the production by those around her continue to make the walls feel closer and closer.

Rave Reviews

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The series has already gotten rave reviews from critics who were treated to early access screenings, with many fans of Fielder, Stone, and the Safdie brothers sure to tune in as soon as the premiere arrives on November 10.