Fans Have Chosen The Best Emily Blunt Movie, And It Deserves A Sequel

The fans have spoken and Edge of Tomorrow just edged out A Quiet Place to get their vote as the Emily Blunt movie that most needs a sequel. They want Edge of Tomorrow 2.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

The Hollywood Reporter held a poll this past Wednesday in celebration of Emily Blunt’s birthday, asking fans what her best movie is. Though the results were neck and neck, her sci-fi blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow just edged out A Quiet Place, getting 43.4% of the vote. Check out the poll below:

If I had voted in that poll, I would have cast my vote the same way. Edge of Tomorrow is not only a fantastic Emily Blunt movie, it’s one of Tom Cruise’s best as well. Really the only thing Edge of Tomorrow is missing at this point is a sequel. That could be part of the reason fans voted for it since the second-place A Quiet Place already got a sequel of its own.

If you missed Edge of Tomorrow when it hit theaters back in 2014, think Groundhog Day with an alien invasion. Tom Cruise plays, against type, a military officer named Cage who is about the furthest thing from an action hero. He finds himself stuck in a time loop where he dies over and over again against the alien combatants. Emily Blunt plays the badass warrior Rita Vrataski who helps Cage get further and further through the day as his skills advance and they learn more about the enemy. It’s a really cool concept and it’s executed perfectly by Cage and Blunt, as well as director Doug Liman and the writing team of Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, and John-Henry Butterworth. The movie is adapted from a Japanese light novel called All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

emily blunt black widow feature
Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow has everything you could want out of a sci-fi action movie. The performances from Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are great, the alien design is amazing, and the time-loop hook keeps you engaged throughout the movie’s run-time. Audiences seem to agree, based on the THR fan poll and the Rotten Tomatoes score. On the rating platform, it has two very impressive scores — a 91% from critics and a 90% from audiences. It’s not often you get two unanimously high ratings from both parties.

That’s not to take anything away from A Quiet Place either. That movie could have just as easily walked away with the win in the fan poll. It just might be a lot of people’s favorite Emily Blunt movie. A Quiet Place was a super suspenseful thriller where aliens that were super-sensitive to sound would kill you if they heard you. It seems like Emily Blunt should do more alien movies because fans can’t get enough.

emily blunt quiet place
Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place (2018)

Rounding out the poll, you have Marry Poppins Returns in third place and Jungle Cruise landing in the last spot. These two movies lost to the top two winners by a significant margin. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with those movies, they just aren’t quite the breath of fresh air that Edge of Tomorrow and A Quiet Place brought to their genres. If you haven’t checked out either of these Emily Blunt classics, make sure that you do. You definitely won’t regret it.